Monthly Archives: November 2020

.cross foxes.

as I sure many do
i stand and watch

the leaves come gentle down
no sound

and with luck and twilight

the bats arc out

geometric flight

tell no one

all is protected and rightly so

we are creatures of the night
one way or other

up the road by the foxes crossing
protect them from the road

low light
i have that here

deep windows
enough to see


for me gently works best these days


it all gets delivered here

except when it gets misdirected
to the big house
the holiday house

i guesses so
nips down the hill
their drive

collect, reverse

only fuel for the cars
has to be fetched and
they have a pretty shop

except once in i steam
so cannot see most things
that are in front of me


it is suggested I become seasonal


although I don’t remember this arrangement

as it is usually vegetables

that come so

..feed the birds..

we have new bird boxes up
ready for the spring
meanwhile autumn comes gentle

one breath of leaves across the way

it is a tiny garden out back
overlooking the grave yard

where the men mowed the grass
stopping a while
leaning on rakes

watching the weather

discussing the news
for news came yesterday


news came yesterday

social media

so we carry on
feed the birds

gather the bracken
knit scarves for peace

cancel our holidays
stay home nicely

..days off..

we wait for a wild wind
for the apples to fall it

doesn’t happen yet

and those he clouted with the clothes prop
were already pecked severely

the birds come hungry

they talked about the difficulties that face
us this winter

realisation came that I would have chosen
this if I had seen an example
or followed a trend
a trial period

however things occur
some parts are okay

he thinks I am a hill billy which amused me

yesterday they took a different route while

i followed at a distance


days off


little tiny cheeses
come with wax to be

what to do then

first we make funny lips
and make a photograph

to be shared with family

then it is wrapped precisely
in waste paper for kindling

saves that chopping

looks like crackers sitting
there on the logs so tidy

so unlike the ones that mum
made, then me, then her

mum could not afford that
cheese and I guess it is a
fairly current snack

she bought edam
i found it fascinating

i still make the concertina
type sometimes or buy

those waxy things from the farmers shop

.dark mornings.

yes i imagined it well

after trekking those miles
on return empty the machine
t fold the washing before the drying

sheets entail my arms aching
still recovering from all the moving
while walking

shall think of you
at work swinging
to jazz music

the laundry closed here on lockdown
have not heard since
so maybe it was

inadvertently i squashed a woodhouse

now i beg forgiveness

we are little things

that dance in the mornings


by the light of the phone….

.make do.

is not much use in the dark
so to say ok to google a small
light occurs

to see

listen we can only hear the weather
or ask her again

which can change each day

make plans in the diary
delete them on the day
or arrow forward

as things alter

remember and even now
making our clothes to fit

better or updating the style


making something from something


he mended his boots with glue from
the ironmongers then finished it off

with screws for strength

three in each and not even matching
well then who will see

some things don’t matter

.are you listening.

i had not thought that way yet when i do
that fearful memory comes to mind with
words I cannot say
here today

let us move forward and learn

to change things about kindly
to place items carefully
with purpose and peace

to observe

there comes five beings
with verve and caring

no wings to show
should we listen james?


asking for the reminder in half an hour
was misheard from under the covers

it came after one hour

one must learn to be clear
to talk from above
no muddling

the day will shift along thirty
minutes awry

things will still get done
from the verb to do which

has been discussed previously

the research completed
the total cost calculated

we experimented

the block
he held it bravely while I bashed it


the fence stands upright

now and it cost nothing

..kerb side..

in green road we used to run out

if we heard a car coming as they
were few and much between them

often dogs would chase
down the road barking

later out for a sunday drive
farm dogs lay waiting

and repeated the above

we sat on the kerb to write
the numbers and walk to the
station for trains

i still like numbers and so
does he

not mathematically
just numbers plain

and wonder if that is acceptable

these days


the same kerb where I joined
the dust men for lunch sandwiches
in their break

backs against the red brick wall