Monthly Archives: November 2020

.eating healthy.

i guess you were working with it being monday
even though it felt like sunday

it was day something of second lockdown
day something else of isolation living

though single living allows visits for our
mental health

i told him when he asked about dinner
with his sister

we laughed and the wind blew things

his wood is ready outside in wheelbarrow
mine in bags from the store

radiators in the bedrooms
and the other rooms too

best keep this factually

instead of poetic


it feels cave like this time of year

while often we add grated apples


do you hear it
rain at the window

do you hear the lightened notes
of hammers on skin

tunnels fade into waterways
paths are shallow pools

we laughed at the word


the understatement

all wet clothes, mops
and buckets

later he said he would have
fetched me in the truck yet

there is no vehicular access

don’t get wet, don’t get wet

we laughed
and carried on with the day patiently

ridding ourselves of the valuables
of no value

things from the past


so you know the pattern?

if the name has lowercase things
will continue a while and if uppercase

it has ended


there is a question here
as to whether to make

the tea before or after

or in between

choosing the latter option
we pause a while
switch on the hot
water heater then

go downstairs
boil the water

choose the tea bag

to be separated

put on the music
place the caddy

back on the shelf

black it is and

the cats here fight too

i intervene where I can
hope one day they become



i am still furloughed this month
change to seasonal in november
with holiday pay due
due back next spring

some winter time ahead


is a second lockdown

day one

though day 226 since we first

isolated here

tomorrow they say the clocks change
yet they don’t do it on their own

it comes manual unless it is computerised

even so some live natural
not caring about the time of day

in numbers

while others are particular

here we do not mind these things

we do mind not going to lampeter

this year so

i buy walnuts online

.huws gray.

stood in the hall

door open

chatting across the road

one pair of pyjamas to the other

one mask to another

mid afternoon

up the road they build raised beds


earth arrives by truck

with a crane to lift it off

two bags at a time

by the place where we did

a sponsored walk

you in your wellies

..softer grey..

yes it is slate
tipped over from higher up

the quarry is closed this side

the other side it is still worked
though further than before
as there is now a visitor

for tourists
so we don’t go there

yes I have been walking
about four miles or so

it was raining when we set off
in a panic

then after he left it came more

i thought about the changes
i thought about the friends i
cannot visit

so passed by

walked back
a softer grey

.road sweeper.

stopped a while as the lightness started

down the back lane by the abbey

round me they flew never touching
we laughed in delight
at this natural thing

come lightly

then the vehicle came
so I stepped back onto
the bank

and slipped

.skirt guard.

my mum used liquid paraffin
on the boys hair fortunately
nothing on mine

she slicked theirs flat with a severe

until one had a crew cut and got into
trouble for it at grammar school

there was a hell of a fuss

i remember

talking of which she would send us
up the garage for pink paraffin from
the pump

next door the tv shop where we watched
the programmes through glass

later mum rented one from radio rentals
in winton

she rode her bike up there
sometimes stopping at the
bakery for a cream slice


picture this
the plastic skirt guard


please note that if this week
i go missing it is nothing personal

yet personal and nothing at all to
worry over

i cannot remember the barber talking
if he did i imagine it directed at her

if he did I would not have listened
in a state of shock at the shortness
of it

at the bits clawing my neck
scissor snap

i guess it was all of us
the price multiplied

my goodness it

would have been cheaper to let it grow

..looking for the time..

the visits were a thing back then

no observing the window display
were the rules

of course we did
yet I saw nothing
of any offence

he placed a board on the arms
of the seat for us smaller folk

and cut it short
we had no choice

the barber pole outside
to advertise

sometimes the fringe
was trimmed at home
eyes shut
mine not hers

the sound cut through
the bits spit out

it has taken years to realise
taken a lockdown

no intervention

i will make bread today
plant the seed
maybe read the meter
unless I do it on monday