Monthly Archives: October 2020


liking enamel tops for tables
liking enamel anything

i have a few here , cupboards and the like
around the place

also liking galvanised iron
enjoy putting the words in
search on ebay
to see what comes


the garden there are bins to
store compost and slate


your plans sound homely

i remember dogs chasing bikes
down green road, barking into

the distance

had a delivery yesterday and
he struggled with the weight
tell tale signs

later I stored it all
struggled with the weight
in two parts

it is clear this morning and
I fear I shall not get to lampeter

this year

it is a global pandemic

this year

i have been busy
one way and another

she says the swifts are leaving….

.the photograph.

rained heavy most of the day here

so I took a photo through the window
found a new way to focus

block out the bad
the negative thought

not many liked it yet
I knew I had learned some thing

something to remember

i saved one quarter and the rest will
follow in time I am sure

a back up

i cannot fix that broken thing
can replace it

it cleared by six yet by then I was fixated


the cellar is ongoing
the shelf is tidy

i feel they prefer images from outdoors
rising hills and spreading fields

it is not always possible


this house is straight on earth too
the surveyor said those years back

with slate floors or quarry tiles

except the one room
where the cellar lies beneath

that has wide wooden boards
rarely seen

once the basement stayed
fairly dry
yet recently one notices more

hash tag
global warming

to make the dehumidifier useful

we spent hours tidying and cleaning
find it was worth it until barefooted

we slipped on the stone steps so
had a bath and went to bed early

i talked to her her about the days we had
before refrigerators. the cold shelf she
called the thrall

meat safes and cheese that lasted

the brown bonnet she wore and me
locking granny in the walk in larder

how she laughed then

my granny

today I wake to pouring rain and know
that I shall not cut the grass today after


it is three quarters of an acre

..cellar work..

it is early yet

and we think about how

it may be this winter



with the situation 

which changes daily



though no one seems to notice 

no more or perhaps they do

how would I know?




he told me he still looks each day

and I do too



while some don’t listen and try to

park where there is no parking no

more cones

up along the pass

and park and ride up from

the valley


what a thing to write about

you may exclaim 

not poetic nor romantic 

that is due to not being neither



my hair was real short back then

looked nice on reflection 



I am reorganizing the cellar



woke comfortable this morning
feeling maybe I have done my bit

paid the price once again

yet this is a fallacy
these things happen

in our lives

there is no magic
no one to stop it

you talk of the graveyard
while coincidentally I watched

him finish the work down there
trimming grass, washing the stones

he moved tired then stopped
turned back
maybe to look at all he had done

like I do

he chose his day for this morning
it rains

meanwhile the mind wanders into
corners forgotten

corners that need dusting
corners that need looking

at some more

sincerely I say that I hope
the pain recedes

that you can eat comfortably

they gave me crisps
on my last visit

i shall go again

.beauty spots.

sounds pleasant to have a river so close

ours is nearby
down the lane past the bamboo

and prehistoric plants
the land that time forgot

yours is nearer and I imagine
your view and the little oak


i went to blaenau in the rain
you may google that so best
add ffestiniog to the name

i saw the garden with all the birds

i have two oak trees grown tall

sheltering and strong in a storm
i stand on the doorway to watch

the branches thrash

you will miss the swallows I am sure
it is best we look after the birds and
other creatures while we can james

yet seems from what you say that some
don’t bother

my scope is limited now
yet it comes enough for

beauty spots were once to adorn
the face
hide the imperfections


we have doubts regarding decisions
then friends remind us

as to

the things that are precious, valuable

and are not the things that our present
culture dictates

there is an insidious voice wheedling
created by the current clime, media


all sorts

and not of liquorice

that will be nice and tasty
turning my teeth black &

a need to check in the mirror

do not eat so many now
on furlough and mainly buying


except the perfume candle, bath oil
and pecan


that people revere gold as you cannot
eat nor breath it

it will not keep you alive
though I know personally
it is useful in wound dressings

and also in teeth
though my fillings

are cheaper stuff


apologies for mentioning those
as I know yours are sensitive just
now and bothering you

i have no edges really
you see, mine is not a
real lawn as in the accepted

I live in the country


the bike man was nice
looked interested yet

was also sorting hire
bikes for five tourists

so it seems

thought mine was more of a winter job
so that is ok

said it looked old
i says he is correct
though I am older
and he said nothing about that

helped me to reverse back out

it was busy in town
for this town lately

it was noisy on the road
for these roads lately

and their were folk in the lanes
that have been empty

i tested the brakes which worked sharply
maybe loosened by the oilings

i resolve to continue the work


i think his name is michael
he had blue gloves and a thoughtful

I hid in the garden glad I go out early

thinned the hedge once more into

a hedgerow

ready for birds and flowers

next spring

.wild things.


with all that has occurred
the changes and challenges

perhaps we have a right
to feel tired

perhaps unknowingly
we are also holding fright

even the soldiers here

my quiet friends felt shaky

weary while getting back to


it is nice here in the garden
a haven for all things wild

wild things

today I have an appointment
with the bike shop in town

fearing the worst

it may be beyond repair

i too come older than I have
ever been

..sing loudly.

i understand although of course I
am still at home
even lazy that rainy day

we shall not compare yet
seems I am the same as

some others, still quiet

they all came the weekend
in the sun parking the
roads by the mountain

the bus could not get through

it was on the news
social media and

in conversation

we feed the birds
and in the week when
the road is quiet hear
the birds say

is it you?
the reply
is it you ?

comes soon after

it is not the reply concerns me
it is the wellbeing and safety

do not fall to sleep james
sing loudly…..