Monthly Archives: October 2020

..the window cleaner..

noticed a change in colour
of pace

he walked with his bike
most folk ride

it used to be a railway line
flat and straight

he returned back past me
said he forgot something

further down the track
the bike was propped
by a tree waiting


sparrows muddled in the dust

cattle reached for the lower


leaves are changing

and there is mistletoe
on one branch

the runners came after seven
lithe and nimble
smart headphones

pony tails bobbing

i walked on and saw a young heron

it rose. flew through the trees.

agnus dei

you tube music


to talk of dead folk

i was quietly drawing
at the old table and as

one can, I felt someone

behind me on the work

i turned
as it skittered away
with its prize to chew


the last of my dead
mummifieds is gone

eaten as before

i am drawing some odd

stuff these days. meanwhile

my mobile still makes capitals
so I changes that

the breeze comes through the

while down by the hedge I get


seems that I was mistaken

never mind

it comes a darker green

with mists

rowan berries reminding

of those other ways

days of hope

hope there still is

find we enjoy the one thing
then the next as much

my mind travels to meifod
to lampeter as you know

while writing this think that
many journeys are not applicable

this year

and is fine
we are much occupied here
with this and that

today I continue with plumbing



.clay pots.

have you a storm predicted
did I see signs on social media?

i have seen the little creature
though it usually comes out at night
rustling in the knapweed patch

as you know I built a little house
yet I am sure it remains empty

so I cleared the ash from the
garden fire. used the token for
clay pots

as it was my first trip for many months
took things easy

have seen family
visited the recycling

and packed away my public studio

i work here now

find it
suits me


have never played that game
nor knew what is was until just


she tells me all things except
when she does not understand
or mishears me

she states that she cannot connect
and I have no sympathy as maybe

five moments later she can easily

we have chatted how we seem to
spend so much time fixing and
fiddling in these curious times

with no one able to visit us much
to help

feels good to be vaguely independent


she helps when she is connected

and I do believe she has no gender

yesterday it was apple that locked me

out so I went to the garden with the
stick to bash down some damsons

oh boy

they were sour


some sticks come special here

for the fruit, the garden fire and low
hanging branches

props for the washing line
homes for the hedgehogs

and insects

you know well by now how
much I love twigs

..water colours..

seems there is now a new scenario
to ponder yet not

for the decision was made
doubted by the other brain
though not to be changed

we wonder how it will map

we have wondered before
when waking to a misted world

missed the view

knowing the mountains are there
no longer visible

at the water colour class he explained
the phenomena with colours and depth

while i felt sleepy

prefering the door open
less rules more action

interaction with intuition

i met him at the gallery
all very posh
he wanted to be friends so

i went to meet him elsewhere
and he walked straight past me

then texted to say he could not
find me

.clear pools.

it must be tiring
with all the heat
of summer

it was cool here yesterday
down the estuary

and rain came about 7.30

refreshing while walking

no use when your job is baling
when the baler is jammed

so we had a break in the back garden
six feet apart and talked about policemen

remembering earlier times

later a friend rang and said it was good
to hear a different perspective on things

i also was interested to hear a different

perspective on things

we come lately
we come with more

with bird song
this morning

so why the darkness
some days

is that natural?

there is a clear pool up by the mountain
where recently visitors have left litter

dark clouds gathering

.soap dishes.

i dreamed I had been here so long
that I went into town and it had all changed

yet I know from reason this is not so

after speaking yesterday I thought of the soap dishes
in two parts

made of enamel both white and colours

in use they need to be taken apart and washed

for the suds seeps through to the lower parts
to congregate


i have mainly white upstairs
red in the kitchen

while the candlesticks also of a similar

with little handles to hold

so enamel eh?

with kettles, jugs and bowls we come happy here
and will write of something else tomorrow


used by now to this and hoping it may continue


maybe it is an advertising piece

i found it in the charity shop

your word is thrift

I do not go shopping now

i make things or order and

receive by post

i really like the colanders best and have quite a few now

some for use and some for decoration hanging from
the beams

i still have my mother’s
silver worn
and use it regularly rather
than the others

there is danger back at work so my friend
will stay home, not return to her job at
the charity store

all crowded and with all that fiddling
with other folk’s stuff

this new keyboard plays lovely yet the
comma and the stop look the same
from this distance with that eye needing

while all is delayed

i watched the documentary

novel corona virus


had an enamel stove from the fifties

that worked all those years

until the fuse box was upgraded

it had to be replaced
so I unpicked the parts
and kept a few few for use
in the house and other compartments

i have a photo here of up the valley
where they used to stook the harvest
all the family out working the fields

in the evening it came cooler
for rest

and oh the taste of heat against the cold
on the tongue

no icecream here just yet
mainly fruit these days

i may be able to find those photographs
on the memory


which was meant to be orange

they sent red

next time I ordered pink

they sent pink