Monthly Archives: September 2020


thick  mist enveloped



yesterday early

stepped out camera held



wandered down into weak sun


burnt the mist into swathes



sheep had come up in groups 

sleeping on the road

the tracks

warm tarmac

holding heat



gorse held the webs




we stopped 

both of us

to look

to wonder



it all took double the time



another world


I am later today 

james bikes..

first bike I bought ever
with my savings cost quite
a lot in relation to my income

from the shop near peters hill
where I thought the pram and

other things

when a child I had a tricycle which
broke bumping down a kerb

i remember disbelief
and devastating feelings

the next one was blue and I fell off

so I thought a blue one again
with a seat on the back & a basket
on the front

she got heavy later
too big so we took
the bus

and I used the bike for work
or walked there

i still have that bike

four bikes in total ever
two second hand
two brand new


they say bikes are hard to get here at present
while mine is on a waiting list at the bike repair
shop in town

it will be my first visit for
months james

..little weasel..

having trouble with capitals here
and the predictions teeth can be

difficult things
especially while

dentists are out of bounds
these days

the stones were delivered
alongside memories born

from a bird
who died

from the cat

and weasels have short legs

my neighbour insisted on helping

it was nice


talking of cages they would be useful here

to keep the wild things escaped from cats

who murder

to heal

down by the park
was a wee bird sanctuary

next to the vicarage

we would call by to look
in the cages

guess it was free

i was at school with the vicar’s

she had recovered from polio
or a bad car accident

i don’t remember which it
was all a long time ago

their house was

down by the stream that
ran the side of the road

they say I was one of the first
to have the jab

I heard other parents say that they
would not allow it

i did not mind though I remember fear
of the needle

and more the fear of polio

we showed him the iron lung at the science
museum only last year



yes I remember there was one in the
garden here when we came
by near the elderflower

and just as you describe
popped up here and there
a bit

then one day when we were on a day
trip over to dublin

a wind came so strong
that the ferry got cancelled
so we turned back
with no breakfast
and nowhere open

so early

then the rain started

on arrival back home, hungry
found that tree had blown down

into the lane

the neighbour all flustered
about the mess and bother

so mine went out in all the weather
wet and cleared it


it never came back again


later we ate a good breakfast

.second visit.

have a new strimmer

green and profound

my broken one is orange and tied up in a trash bag

i hope it gets collected on rubbish day

on thursday

it has an extra handle

plus a flower guard

how apt for me

so then yesterday we had a garden fire
sat round on the grass

waved the clothes prop at the apples

knocked a few and sucked our teeth at the

sour ness yet

laughed and minced them with carrots and bread

in the machinator

I calls it that

put our heads in boxes for the experience

swapped ideas and plants

it was a lovely day despite the increase in traffic

despite the ease

others have mentioned it james

it comes damp, darker this morning james
the further window open

the ribbons move

.the visit.

.day 50..

the flowers are corona as you know
they escape it seems
and spread about

i went back with resolve to be
then looked at the extra sleeve
and got excited

so back to the drawing board

to work again on this corona

she is always joan
the other one

.the mouse.


as I crouched in the long grass
the buzzard came down as big
as a chicken

we looked at each other a while

as it flew off I dropped all the seeds


in the wrong place

later I sat looking
and while the dragon
fly came from the water

the grasshopper came for company

that evening on the bird feeder
the mouse sat looking in

eyes like shiny black pin heads

stayed a while

i had company yesterday

i think

I shall have company again today

.thankyou for asking.

thank you for asking and the answer

would be quicker if I had cut my nails

to bounce the keyboard here


funny you should ask as i was thinking

over this yesterday while walking




it felt unfair that after all those years

of housekeeping

keeping his house clean

tidy, fitting in with all his

timetables and breathing


not breathing




she had to  go to the home quietly

where she remained quietly


her daughter also went later

and remain quiet


i lived in a home in milton road

milton house, place of nighmare

for us kids


wettened beds

stinking laundry




so I stayed quiet


so thank you so much for asking

and being so thoughtful yet  I tell


you clearly

that I do not want a care situation ever

for all the good it will do, so i won’t stay


quiet now

forgive me


I hope your dad had green in his view


other colours too



.start right.

i had summer and winter shoes.

summer brought traditional sandals
white nubuck leather mainly
though sometimes red
never brown

the next year Mum cut the front out

our toes peeped through for playing
for paddling

I dont remember plimsoles really
only that yellow pair for when I went away
and it was then I had lace ups
the only time ever

lately in chester I asked for lace ups
the assistant asked what I meant
so I said

she replied no that she only had shoes
with laces see

in the winter I wore strap shoes
always red
double strap
a treat

mum said in the war she would walk
with the boys up in the pram to look
for somewhere with shoes for sale

sometimes she bought them little leather
boots to wear with the knitted suits

that had to be washed carefully

i still have the photographs
I do not have those brothers
no more

i have the other one
born before me
after the war.