Monthly Archives: August 2020


one could argue that it is to soon
for the damage to show
only people don’t listen

some like to think the things
that make them feel safe and justified

i saw him yesterday walking close

to a friend not from his household
he thinks we are all over reacting

some folks go into denial as part of their process
i know as i have done that too
at times

more seeds came and i told the farmer about the
but he did not know what they were
so i left one at his door later
so that he can identify

the walk was in the afternoon when the rain
no one was about except the man with the
wheelbarrow collecting wood
he goes everyday

there is a strap on the barrow to hold it
all in place

do you have to wear a helmet james?

we do over here as law i believe and
i have not got one, then, i am not going
anywhere on it yet.

we are encouraged and hoping soon
that e scooters will be valid

as i write i watch the woodpecker
enjoying the finial on my gate post

cat enjoyed the birds
and i found the body
under my bed

agatha christie

he said it was the field of

singing bells


how far is it to your son’s place
how many miles did you go?

looks like i am static this morning
with heavy rain

as you know i tried before
and it went through me
right through me

so i will rearrange maybe
create another pattern

i made a bike stand with a bit of hedge
cutting which seemed appropriate

i like to see the bike standing independant
not leaning on anything
not reliant on any one thing

i wiped it gently with a three in one
oily rag and watched it shine
sun on my back
memory at my side

i am sure there were special places in
my childhood bike to oil. i think it was

it was second hand
and i fell off

he told me he fell off down the lane
went right over down into the ditch
and i was sympathetic

until he said those things
regarding those over 85

avoiding this subject
for the future for i feel
all have value
have the right to breathe

maybe james
have a break from the news?

toay i shall clean the surfaces


with a damp cloth as things
gather dust while i work outside

admiring the bike
being black
and generally pleasing

the seeds are growing nicely
i do not know what some may
be as i found them in an envelope

not labelled at all


and are folks
getting touchy?



so good that you can travel far
visit your folks. my day will come

meanwhile likewise we watch the
birds, the creatures

she said that they were pests as we
watched them dancing branch to
other branch

they eat the bird’s nuts she said
then she said she had gone non
essential shopping for her snacks
and nuts


i burned the hedge rubbish
it took most of the day until
i only smelled of smoke
which i rather like anyway

how is your son?

did you ever see the film
of the guy that drove his lawn mower
miles to visit his ailing brother

maybe look it up?

i like the italic up there and glad
you told me the form of verse made
of scatterings and randoms that are us

and put it forth toward them
only one replied

i hope they do not think me brainy
for i am not
i just see connections

how one event does not happen alone
in isolation
or slow motion
like a film
with everything else scrubbed away


where will this all end
will we all be able to
breathe again?

the sky this morning came dramatic
turned the room pink

may hang the washing out early…..


do you remember  mine shook too then broke in half?

what a day yesterday soaked through i turned early with

the thought that the otter may be at the bridge

then i saw the swimmer

in black gear with goggles

as you do

he did

swim lovely

so i watched him in the rain

returned home to find a visitor by the door his tongue

probing for insects and such a good shot. we chatted

him in his khaki skin coat, me in my wet jacket

my groceries came later

stephen brought them

the store

makes sure

we know their names

and all polite

then at last i saw one of my family

who works less than the permitted

distance now

called by

one of the tribe

like minded

he will like a bike too james

what is ground beef james though

i am vegetarian

one of that tribe


while some cannot breathe


they say a pet monkey got lost there

you can google most everything these


even susan dennett

raining here, i heard it in the night


now is darker


we were forewarned so we sould have

got ready

i did mostly

yet forgot some things

can’t remember everything

we write lists and notes in ciphers

then wonders about the meaning later

my mother had abbreviations on her

shopping lists back then

i can see them in my head

her writing

the size of paper

we ate pots

chump chops

drank tea

never coffee

that came later a new fangled thing

granny had camp which only meant

tents or drinks then

in remembrance will refer to the other

shortnesses later

i shall walk in the rain next

note the differences

anyway it were a lovely day yesterday

and not just the weather james

some folks want me to get usual

yet their guidelines are different to mine

and i am very settled

i am older now

one more time


when i write that number
note it is the same for all



seems to be some confusion
between paranoia
and common sense

the age of those that died
that elderly makes that

some confusion over what is
fact and race

in despair

i have sited the planks
stashed the chippings and have the
wood ready to saw
then store

i watch your news and see
the pity of it all, then i watch

ours the same

he asked me if i was new to
the area
i told him nigh on thirty years

his uncle grew golden rod
lived by the chapel, died a
few years ago

i thought him a quiet gentle man

so pleased about your bike and
maybe that is the way to go yet
have looked online for the bicycle
grant and find no application process

however have fresh fruit coming today
in time for lunch

am hoping for dates
yet they have been
out of stock

there was no time for drawing yesterday
no time for calm amongst the hedge
and strimming

it came later
with google
piano music

there is a roundabout in dorset
called monkey jump corner
and a place
called burnt house lane

toller porcorum

a plane flew over
the woodpecker





did you see that christo has died?

i am wearing last year’s sandals
and they look like new
i guess i have small feet

i admire him the same as i admire
anselm keifer

while wondering if i spell them

i walked miles today
the blisters i worried over
did not materialise

first day in summer footwear

never aware that no form is
indeed a form

that randomness is recognised
as a category

the poetry group does not
meet of course
and we email the stuff
so at last i can see the format

the patterns and syllables

i may not go back
to the group if ever
all this be over

so i worked on the hedge all day
scratched, bitten and hog tired
that my head hung

we sat in bed listening
heard nothing
nothing as it came through the window
black, so beautiful

not one sound

flew around a while then back out into
the night

i know how to spell silent
yet it does not explain the
absence of sound with all
the movement
that life

this morning i listened to water

we desire many things when
mostly we want to be able to

you never talk much about food
though you do relate coffee incidents

james i hope you do not mind me saying

i best get back to the hedge project
before the sun beats my back
my arms
my little nose




at dusk the bats kinda do that

and we aint got the swallows here

like we used to have

sitting on the wires

flying in the hall

maybe again now the people

are all indoors

though more out than usual

in this warm spell

i like the pictures of the amish

neat and sedate riding in to


so it goes


sometimes when we get lost

we find new experiences

a new landscape

i tell you who already know

what i said about brainwaves explains

why my mind wanders while i write

remembers places

tiny details nip

back into mind

today i am hedging again

it looks a mess so far so i


that when the worst is gone

i shall dress dainty and clip

about like a lady

all nice and tidy

other things have growed and we tied them with a scarf

is comfy


news came, we can now meet family if only 5 miles away
there is a thing, the gap is wider….

i had diaried the hedge to start it today yet on working
logisitics yesterday
starting swearing and verbally abusing the mass

missed the news and all sorts with cutting, pruning, hedging
and sweating

she came along
the local hedge police
and stood looking below


oh she wondered where the cuttings had come from

the hedge!

she stayed a while looking
i asked if she was ok
she said she was too hot

when i finished for the day
i looked over
she had lit her wood burner

we slept the night well
a new project here

the bicycle awaits

i drew trees too james
i like to draw each day
science says it changes
the brainwaves
and stuff

gradually things change
we move about and enjoy
the fine weather

the pear and elderflower cordial




or should i say 11 weeks
and i wonder what happens next

so the horses were in the long grass this morning
while the farmers still go to market

i ordered the oil sadly as the can has changed
and i did not recognise it yet
have old ones here and can decant
if i feel necessary

it feels necessary to hold onto memories
and to repeat myself

we do not have pastors here that i know of
there are vicar things and i do not know them

i know kindness and common sense
and i like new sandals

i guess i will not need to buy shoes
for the summer as i am not going
nowhere much

my trip to alnwick castle is cancelled of course
along with the others
a refund or a transfer?

most of the ivy is gone so i embark on a new garden
thing tomorrow

i knew it was eight o clock as the water men drive down the
lane to their depot which looks like a bomb shelter


met a lady from texas i think it was
norma jean

she says the lane is just like america