Monthly Archives: August 2020


did you see that christo has died?

i am wearing last year’s sandals
and they look like new
i guess i have small feet

i admire him the same as i admire
anselm keifer

while wondering if i spell them

i walked miles today
the blisters i worried over
did not materialise

first day in summer footwear

never aware that no form is
indeed a form

that randomness is recognised
as a category

the poetry group does not
meet of course
and we email the stuff
so at last i can see the format

the patterns and syllables

i may not go back
to the group if ever
all this be over

so i worked on the hedge all day
scratched, bitten and hog tired
that my head hung

we sat in bed listening
heard nothing
nothing as it came through the window
black, so beautiful

not one sound

flew around a while then back out into
the night

i know how to spell silent
yet it does not explain the
absence of sound with all
the movement
that life

this morning i listened to water

we desire many things when
mostly we want to be able to

you never talk much about food
though you do relate coffee incidents

james i hope you do not mind me saying

i best get back to the hedge project
before the sun beats my back
my arms
my little nose




at dusk the bats kinda do that

and we aint got the swallows here

like we used to have

sitting on the wires

flying in the hall

maybe again now the people

are all indoors

though more out than usual

in this warm spell

i like the pictures of the amish

neat and sedate riding in to


so it goes


sometimes when we get lost

we find new experiences

a new landscape

i tell you who already know

what i said about brainwaves explains

why my mind wanders while i write

remembers places

tiny details nip

back into mind

today i am hedging again

it looks a mess so far so i


that when the worst is gone

i shall dress dainty and clip

about like a lady

all nice and tidy

other things have growed and we tied them with a scarf

is comfy


news came, we can now meet family if only 5 miles away
there is a thing, the gap is wider….

i had diaried the hedge to start it today yet on working
logisitics yesterday
starting swearing and verbally abusing the mass

missed the news and all sorts with cutting, pruning, hedging
and sweating

she came along
the local hedge police
and stood looking below


oh she wondered where the cuttings had come from

the hedge!

she stayed a while looking
i asked if she was ok
she said she was too hot

when i finished for the day
i looked over
she had lit her wood burner

we slept the night well
a new project here

the bicycle awaits

i drew trees too james
i like to draw each day
science says it changes
the brainwaves
and stuff

gradually things change
we move about and enjoy
the fine weather

the pear and elderflower cordial




or should i say 11 weeks
and i wonder what happens next

so the horses were in the long grass this morning
while the farmers still go to market

i ordered the oil sadly as the can has changed
and i did not recognise it yet
have old ones here and can decant
if i feel necessary

it feels necessary to hold onto memories
and to repeat myself

we do not have pastors here that i know of
there are vicar things and i do not know them

i know kindness and common sense
and i like new sandals

i guess i will not need to buy shoes
for the summer as i am not going
nowhere much

my trip to alnwick castle is cancelled of course
along with the others
a refund or a transfer?

most of the ivy is gone so i embark on a new garden
thing tomorrow

i knew it was eight o clock as the water men drive down the
lane to their depot which looks like a bomb shelter


met a lady from texas i think it was
norma jean

she says the lane is just like america




.day 76.

hurrah some of yesterday’s plan worked
hiding quiet that is and all went well right

the bike just sat quietly
will be dealt with another
day as i have no equipment
after all
and will rely on ebay

i understand the grants come in june
so it can all wait till then

is nice just to see it there
to see what comes

i drew the trees
the blur when walking
drifting in thought and revery

i sat on the warm grass
cursed the hedge while
starting a logistical plan

to lower it

to lower the level

of stress and interference

indoors for weeks and they still come in and get you

i like not having my hair cut
looks a mess yet at least is
not cut as the stylist demands


i saw her down the graveyard yesterday
tidying her parent’s spot. i was at my window

these things




a week ago i made my neighbour a tiny ladder
repayment for a kindness
left it by his door on the step

this morning it remains
where i placed it

perhaps he has not seen
it yet

or other things

thanks for your remote offer of help and support

the bike is free from storage & on the courtyard
washed and fiddled with
the pump is nowhere to be found
while the other one don’t fit

so except for a permitted trip to durham to buy one
i am buggered

the brakes is stuck
i need some oil

it will all wait a while

sat on it and maybe i shrunked

is been stored for 23 years
the other
the blue one i had since 17


so they look ferocious little fellers
guess we are all just trying to survive

i listened to a podcast and even that
virus thing needs the same and would
have learned more if i had not fell to


i just fell to sleep
from all the tasks
& emotions of

another day
staying at home

on my own

walking i have found a house
that stands alone with a proper
garden with chickens you know
rather wild and rambling

i like the position yet know i belong
here, love it here. will hide away today

no drive anywhere to test my eyesight

steady like



oh james i have done that thing again
wishing for something i may already have

my old bike is in the outbuilding left there
some time
i have a bicycle repair kit


i like to collect them

i understand there may be some grant soon
for fixing

i know how to oil as my brothers showed me
fastidiously and bossy

and something with spoons to remove the tyres

to balance it upside down on the handlebars

and saddle

what is to lose and it may be fun as the other

jobs have been here

oh dear you should of heard me yesterday
when he remarked
in surprise

you can dig a pond!
you can saw wood!

i replied i can as i am a person too

i did not add that in his mind i may not do them well
in my mind it works
for me

i gave him a bucket of stones

yesterday i made the hedgehog house with pallette
wood and twigs of course

the twigs that is

it kind of sorted itself out
now in comfort i will unpick
it to form it in a more controlled manner

my brother suggests i take the bike to durham
to be fixed as that may now be permissable

i think it is more fun just to stay at home james




another good number pleases me
as do the images

you are a dark horse
rather like louis

maybe you will do some more

i like this type of work from the heart
a quiet day yesterday planting and
fiddling the wildlife pool
sitting after to reflect

the head came later
while i could not
bear to watch the

it is all so unfair

slept for one hundred years
with classic lockdown dreams

now refreshed
carry on

we carry on
keeping the rules here


day started heavy as those adults used to say back then

i never understood

we had a storm, wind and some rain, now all hangs dark

and quiet

today i will repot the blown plants and tidy

do you write music? i like that you sent very


and will research more

the ride sounds divine, all that power

freedom and names of roads that come


here we made another ladder and now

i have too many

drew some pictures

and continued making the wildlife pond

i think i had been brainwashed into thinking

that some tasks were impossible yet find

i can do them after all

maybe i washed my brain myself

and now have got it back james

i ask again james are you a musician

do you sing while you ride the roads

over there

some of us obey the rules while it seems

that those who helped make them do not

birds and willow at the window


ate the last banana
not feeling good as
i did so

crossed them from the shopping list
and went to bed early

all well today and with another stormy
day forecast may leave the digging for
settled weather

the patch is under the big old oak which
flaps wildly in this wind

i became slightly nervous looking up
at it
retreated to the studio

it will be a wildlife place
for the wildlife here

she used messenger to tell me
her messenger was not working

we sorted it by phone james

while writing i stop to look at
the light on the leaves, the light


i went outside to the garage
for fuel
in case of emergency
i like at least 2 bars

wore my surgical gloves with pride
i don’t get out much these days

vivaldi helps

late spring
early summer