Monthly Archives: August 2020


i envy you

here there were four


that time back

one died

another wandered off

got sent away to a rescue



recently another

my sweetheart

annoyed the people

over the village

rattled their door

dug up their veg


she told me

she will trap it too

send it away like

she did the other ones


some things come wild

we don’t own them

we can

leave them be


she was angry and unkind


i have not seen my sweetheart since

i miss her puzzled look


so moving on

things are now more ornate

in a rustic mode

me cutting thin slithers


so next i shall make wooden wheels

for something


the delivery man commented on my dance

i explained i was social distancing while he

told me only two in town have had it and

now got better


how would i know

i don’t get out much

these days


i explained i was preparing for longer

a second lockdown so he reminded

me we have not yet come out of the first


good point


i wonder what they are doing with the gravel james


the next guy delivered fruit, veg, pop and a little


which made me dizzy


another  day


i set it up mostly
not all at once

nothing here is done all at once no more
we takes our time indispersed with piano

i imagine i can play imagine fingers flying

i can saw more now, improved from sawing bits
to sawing things into objects and now i can make
thin slices
with a glove for protection

we walks up the gate, looks back up side down
to see impartial
to judge
and add
more detail

delivery man pushed the gate the wrong way
bits fell off
so i stuck them back on with a twig to hold
it all back together

i make prototypes that become fact
with a temporary nature

move things around here

while in the afternoon i still draw
the trees
as i feel them

lower case



i am waiting to hear from work official too

we chats most weeks mostly about gardening
the treacherous holly

we bear the scars

so as you know most days come quiet
not much doing in the diary

then yesterday was all of it
more like we were used to

interesting that were were an are
i changed it for these are different

good at the garage; the mechanics with
longer hair looked lovely
we said so as we
threw the keys over the barrier
then walked home in the storm
sheltered under the tree when the phone


watched the parent, two children all in waterproofs
playing by the river
throwing stones

making ripples


later he asked me the best bit of the day
it was mary phoning

day 95
he says i should keep counting
although we are all much the same



it is a slow fire today
in the garden with a
lot of green stuff
smoking gently

unlike the holly
cuttings which exploded
with flame & fury needing
constant attendance

it may be a long job

some things are &
need a positive mind

with thought for others
up at dawn before them

all came quiet here yesterday
we worked in the garden making

we worked in the house making
while in the studio time stood still

i learned from him to let them chatter
to not to care nor reply
to change the subject kindly

some want to go on holidays
one wanted visitors
when she has them daily
except on sunday

down the lane

they had sunday dinner and wondering
why some folk eat different that day
googled and find it was to do with
church attendance

with meat james lots of meat

my mum made that with gravy
we did not go to church only
sunday school

with stories james
just stories

i do not have sunday dinner
i have dinner
on a sunday

i brought the outside ladder
back inside

smoky joe



oh james i cannot tag your name this morning
in my thanks to you and i crack myself up

it is the way

never take it serious, this life
is all such a lark mainly

yesterday was such a day
with fettling and unpicking
the pallet and sawring it up
and spelling things incorrect
cos we can

it means the same

making a space come clear
imagining we are at chelsea
without the cranes and helpers

sitting on the grass until the bites overcome

watching him strimmimg the lane for the big
ready for the reopening
except we have no date

mourning that the thistle and bindweed are cut

knowing i have a photograph
as i have those of him james

i like the number today
good in all respects i feel

i feel that we like the words the same
come thither, come random, moved
about with life
and details

he said he thought it would rain yesterday
and i told him i thought nothing
thought to wait and see
and found myself talking avidly about my bike
so worth finding it out

a topic
a project
the sculpture in the garden
to wheel in and out each day

meanwhile james the seeds grow
and i gets smaller

stay safe

he said they have ordered take away sunday lunch with meat




i never know what you may write about each day

except maybe bikes

and maybe on that

i am right?

i went down the estuary yesterday

flat for a change

wide walking path

only one bike passed

went onto the toll bridge

and will have to return

for there is an honesty box

while i had no cash in my

pocket yesterday

we hauled the slate chippings

spread them by the sitting place

did not move the twigs

the focal point

we watched the birds

swallows over the meadow there

those at the feeder

at the window

cats had gone off somewhere

post brought the lavencer oil

and a head band which doubles

as a mask


not much news when you are at home like the others

i drew some trees



methane and maybe online shopping?

he once said that there would be no sheep
if we all ate vegetables only

i suggested there may still be
yet wild
free to live a gentle life like me

cheese is where i fail
i fried it yesterday like
my foster mother made
for supper

her husband down in the studio
the bell between them to call

he was at dunkirk
stuck in the water
hours, & shot in the leg

there were other care
places in the past

now i don’t care
there are no records
they say there was a fire

or something

he painted golden sunsets
over the sea
limped and was kinda nice
i remember

i am wearing last year’s sandals
and got changed after gardening
to look tidy

a first
this lockdown


things tucked in nicely
since all this excercise
walking and cutting things




joan is a strong one these days
and will defy any notion of that

we are in lockdown
so they cannot get her

not much anyways
there have been a couple
of incidents but now she

is in disguise
with different
more like a lady

they are in the lanes
on those strong branches
sitting alone, smiling much
like the cheshire cat did

those years back
not many can see

glad you can too

the bike comes out everyday
looks well in the yard
gets photographed

yet the post has not brought
my requirements
my repair kits

and maybe, and probably
i cannot fix it
so will look after it
admire it daily
unless it rains


he came again yesterday lovely
legally at his distance
more like the free days
before this current situation

and i have told her
that things will change

could be slowly
some of the seeds
come slowly
before they flower

ragged robins, campions come quick
look already

i never thought i could do such things




the sticky stuff arrived yesterday

no one read the instructions

i dunno

stuck on my fingers

very well along with

the splinter from the hedge


soap and hot water removed

it alongside

other things

that are more topical

at present

they say that the statue

should have been removed before

well they done it now

this weekend and chucked it in the


they say is should be in a museum

well it will be now

when they haul it out the


the grass is cut down the lane


makes a good photo james

all those line and patterns

it was a good walk

she has cut her hair

with clippers now

and says mine can

soon be tied back


i no longer look like

joan of arc

except inside myself

to myself

am cutting the jasmine back

i have learned it will still

flower lovely


do you ever imagine people sitting in trees?


not just all about numbers
yet the miles you rode to see
your son sound many to me
who merely walks as yet

i take the car out once a week
just to test my eyesight as the
opticians are closed

i don’t drive far

how do you feel about your
job at the hotel
will you go back if it stays

when all has changed around us
when things feel more difficult or

maybe i should say challenging

i spoke to others yesterday about
banning the word coping as a negative
thing said with sympathy
head to one side

it feels a frail word and does not apply

i listen to the piano play and deal with changes

today the routine will come differing as i have holly
to burn and need to stay around

it crackles and spits like fireworks
as does the box hedging

strange to me that your ground beef
be hamburgers
when ham be pigs
and beef be cows

we wonder how that occurred

so i researched pandemics while
drawing and find they last a year or 2
mainly unless is black &
that  was such a long time back

we are rebalancing

vivaldi again