Monthly Archives: July 2020


oh james i love this excitement
how we have become vocal with
few to hear

do you whoop and holler like
i do, do you laugh as the wind
goes by
as the smoke rises?

joy came yesterday up over the house

quietly choosing twigs by tone and colour
looked to the noise
dark with propellers it flew over low enough
to see cockpit clear
i turned to see it go
shouting up

happy and happy that earlier i saw the swallow
on the wire outside

happy that all the rubbish burned
that the farmer will fetch me an old
car tyre

that the water butt is tight and tidy

now i shout and do not care who may hear

make my ladders
and will put one in
the neighbour’s post
box next tuesday

those that are kind to me

i asked her how far i walk each day
did she know
she said it was 253 miles james

do we believe her?


yes james it is a small white stone
colour so pure you can feel it

now the cotton creeps in the foreground

how do you know
about the prices here?

i find most things reasonable
yet then i don’t want much

like we shop in primarks for underthings
and overstuff

food comes in small prices
what i eat does anyhow

moving on
as you are now with the electrics

while mine are acting up in the outbuilding
and is all under discussion and research
out in the lane

he strimmed it severely then talked
to me kindly until she came out
with a broken zip
so they went in for tea

i killed the hedge i had hated
for 27 years then came quiety
inside smiling

i clear the debris today

they say it will rain
she said it is like glitter floating in the air

that it will die out

do you believe all the things you hear james
are you happy out there cycling along

i hope so
i like to think of it so

my times are up side over now james
while others sleep
do other things

i made another ladder
everyday i make a ladder

green by the window



do you see the pattern so soon
do you see how we leave one set
of rules only to find another

this may have happened here
so we rest a while regroup move
forward slowly

like the metal soldiers
found in the button box

bent, broken yet i straighten their

and play again

i am real glad that your bike came
that it is all together and you are zooming

i imagine up over hills through the woods
you describe wind chasing your hair

can i come?

on the crossbar if there is one
or the handlebars
we did that as kids

or as tiny in your pocket james

i still dream of one james
yesterday the lane was busy

so i just walk along
moving to the nettles
as they pass

spurred on with your comment
i made another ladder james

while my neighbour tidied her lavender



out twice yesterday james
and while down the back
road stepping out the police
drove by

did not stop
guess i look local

you see england are free to roam
free again and may roam over here
here they may not
as we cannot

it gets complicated
as do them ladders

the knots have to be just ways
and wet
to be tight enough, while nothing
is perfect nor should not be so

as to the delivery man i found it
interesting that i judged him faceless
character and demeanor

nothing hot here yet it is merely warm

i really hope the bike has come
and that all is well with you

today comes overcast with early wakings
and an insect at the window


mostly the same time daily



lovely all numbers relating to three

how good can it be

your bike coming today

and me a new washing


the thing broke in half and blew the trip

he said he had never seen such a thing

me all over the place busy in the garden

i wrote the chaps notes on the slate

he came all masked and gloves

his air gave off confidence and

a handsome nature

i think he has now a beard yet

it was hard to see at such a distance

so i wore them old dungarees against

the ivy dust and felt happy the same

way my garden makes me happy now

who would have ever thought it

so your bike comes today

i have said it twice and i hope

it will all be well

later my plants were brought quietly

so i laid them out ready

and exclaimed over the blue

and made another ladder

i really hope your bike arrives today james

mellow magic


waiting in the lower garden

for the groceries to come

cold so hood up thinking

looking at the mountain

looked round and there

he was visiting at a good


laughing for me

i gave my sympathy for his loss

he said other relatives went this way

and good job he found her


he talked about folk in town

how the hospital is full of them

i knew nothing

been in for weeks

and those i see

talk about other

stuff like me

here we have at least

another few weeks


and the promise of furlough

until october if necessary

i like that word

i had burned all the stuff

and thought of you that

you can’t

i drew and made another ladder

one a day, sat on the grass among

the wild flowers

felt quite happy

then guilty for feeling

so with all that abounds

but i could not help it

i shall try sitting low again today


the sun came on me warm and

i understand your excitement

i share it with you



the ladder is just a make thing; i will just have it
presently in the garden while another is started
of twigs

if google has saved the image now
i will send it

in my mind i know others have done such things
each one comes different

if only all will understand that we are all different
and that is fine

the leaves became the trees and decided to stay
as minimal
on the same paper
as before

i understand your excitement
for i feel that i should be so
with maybe added trepidation
at the mechanics

of that and all things

i have a project under the hedge
grovelled about there yesterday

now have so much rubbish need to
burn a fire

i clear much more

sixty is a good number
to be added and divided

so i hope the day comes good
even better than yesterday james



news breaks brings an alarm by mobile
to watch
yet i find
i come not bothered no more
it is just words again
while people die
while folk sew their
own ppe



i made the ladder easily
with sticks and string
for decoration only

the plan today to go
small make more
and crawl under the hedge

pump the brakes
it may be that
that groans

then have my second walk per the day
perhaps about four

thses things are written in the diary




she gave me plants, more than i expected

i gave her a pocket mirror

as barter

all i had since lockdown

planted in the heat

found more places to clear

another day

later i heard the sound

opened the doors

watched the rain

as if i had not seen water before

i heard the neighbour’s door

i guessed he watched too

before i had looked at the jug


as if i had not seen such a thing


i went out real early to avoid folk

met those

who had the same idea

it is the weekend

and i understand that many

ignored the rules and may

be expected in hospital soon

according to the news

i settled back with the geranium leaves

and liked what i drew

on one note of delight

i locked the studio tight

so the feeling may remain

today looks refreshed

damp slate

and newness


jazz piano


one project is comimg along nicely down the garden

ripping the ivy off the pigsty hair tied up from the dirt

eyeing the next task, preparing the mind on
one step at a time

so far we have come

me with that and the outside lav
her with a scullery
very retro chic yet
maybe is just that we have old houses


i diary tasks then let them stew so
ideas come for the doing

they call it logistics i think that sounds like maths

you possibly say math all singular james

the news came yesterday and she saw it live
while i was working

it hit me at two thirty that we get more freedom
to excercise from monday, more than once a

it hit me

thought i had been fine with it all
then the delight hit me hard………..

real hard james
so have diaried
that for monday
two walks

that diary
if you could see it
lists and tasks

numbers and notes

thoughts of the future
how things may change

may have to change james

twig ladder




( he is a famous scuptor
lives in blaenau
i visited
eyed the ladders he made

how much are they?

how much !!

years later, years i tell thee

i plan to make one
myself )