Monthly Archives: June 2020 37.. 37..
took the car out yesterday
five weeks on the drive as
i laughingly call it here

bit of a track with steps
up to the church behind

my journey was non essential
the only breaking of rules so

no not far
just to blast the engine. nothing
on the road except my neighbour

in his pickup tied with string

no one in authority
stopped me
and it felt like the best thing
ever yesterday

until hood up and over i watched
the live stream

then laughed so much with messages
i phoned and we laughed some more

to spite

the trouble

the worry remains
horribly yes so horribly
horrible 36.. 36..

i find i have built a cocoon, a nice place to be
yesterday was interupted by reality a while

& failed early
busy i was

drawing the japanese with their found fabrics
watching the marks come good, no smudging
yet it came
without warning

you see there is not such a thing
not like in the war there were sirens

they still tested them down the end
of our road when i was a child & I
listened in wonder & was afraid


there were the stink poles outside
too and up the hill a big chimney
where they burned the waste

there are two of them as there often
reflecting each other yet
spot the difference

they say there may be spots too
i went once with those like in comic
red dots all over

he said it was an immune reaction &
i still get two on bad days

we talked about that yesterday
immunity responses & other

so james i wearied early with it all
talked about the goats up the crimea
slept well
know that
this is a another day 35..

.day 35..

came like the others
early we walked up

over the golf, the hills
done first. to the top

where the swallow flew

she said it was all downhill
and so it was, we could have
walked for hours yet
we only get one you see

i stick to the rules
as i am a dick, do
as i am instructed

except the iron railings

have you heard of that
did you do it over there

we loosened the work
and i felt it came bad
then shh-apes on twitter
liked it very much not
knowing why really

and retweeted it as
some do, so i thanked

and will carry on

christopher brought the groceries
thought i lived in the church, that is
a laugh

so i spent time washing the oranges
with soap

and the other stuff
then scrubbed myself
clean and wondered


i remember the polio jab &
having tb tests, the jelly one
was ok, the other one hurt like

i never reacted so did not get
the scar that came from that

that messed with summer arms
that was like a branding

a full list
of chores
you know 34..

(mid april 2020)

.day 34.

on looking at todays work
i see the spots are appearing
when sprayed
with cosmetic fixative
glow pink

yesterday i picked ivy from the wall
of the outbuilding. i do a little each
so my fingers
dont bleed

this is satisfactory
pleases me and

moves the work into a new area
the doors are painted badly now
in tune with music
from the films in
tune with the times

yes money gets tight here
so some shops & charities
give food
and other sundries

today i plan to walk ,to clean
the outside lav and maybe
you will have to google that
as i had to google your noodles


the drawings have come stiff again
with all this time we have at home
so i need to move them into a place
of loose adjustment
of random offerings
and sketchy lines

with face masks

i think it is thursday
my food delivery arrives

.tiny tiny thing.

it is a tiny tiny thing

they say it is the enemy

and evil

i wonder

when you think how animals are treated

enslaved, hunted, squashed

& i bet they are glad we are indoors a while

yet it continues as essential

we think we own them

and imprison them

inseminate, take their babies

kill them and eat them as


my mother said

what goes round

comes round

i guess the abattoirs are still open

as essential

it is a tiny tiny thing

hoping to survive

like us

like the coral

like all things 32.. 32..

started off cold yesterday james
yet i got warm after pounding up
the hill on the new walk
to discover the sky

for sky there was and bluebells

remember how i rubbed her back
with the perfume to help the pain

now he is 5 feet four inches already

i marked it on the wall in absentia
ensured the other labels, the other
years were secure
some with sticky
some with pins

of course

later we wondered about the new
colour for the gate
with all the stores closed
i decided on yellow
as that is the only colour
i have

oh unsuitable paint you
covered lovely with no
comments as all are at

as advised

later cut up the little pictures
to start the change in imagery

with the blue scissors
that are too modern
for the house so live
in the studio


leonard cohen plays
soft light
water heater on

it is a tiny tiny thing

1a 31..

.day 31.

later here as i chatted to a friend
who commented that i am up early

reminded him therefore he is early
too to respond

the stone walls are everywhere, old crumbling
some rebuilt recently
one down the lane
i watched him a while

found some old bits of stuff
in the debris, plates and metal bits
and kept them

he pointed at my broken wall, slumping
said he can fix it if it goes and
i thought that i shall probably be gone
by then too
and save the expense

so the walls line my walk all the way
and back, in the distance follow up
over the hills, the mountains

in the cwm are made of slate off cuts
differing colours pertaining to the

like old grey teeth edging the path,
the field fastened by wire

do you know them james
do you have them there

we have slate quarries up the road,
down the road, some not working
no more

yesterday the police were called
to gloddfa ganol, to people
misbehaving in the lockdown

i place markers on the wall
i wonder if folk notice james

it does not matter though
as i notice

he said to be careful that these things
we do never become a chore for

i realise now it is my issue
not theirs

there is a lad on a bike rides
these lanes most days
eats pancakes after

he says he can gain 5 pounds
in one day

really, oh really

monday ( holiday)
if i stay quiet i can hear a lot of things

imagine a lot of things

1111 30..

(april 2020) 30..

another one has come along here recently
alongside the return of the grey thing, sweetheart

i call the new one tabby thing for now

while in llandudno the goats were on the beach

instead of folk

we walked early yesterday hoping to be alone
the others had the same idea
we kept our distance
while calling over from
one lane to the other

there is one lamb with a black spot
shall we name him spot james for
these down the back lane have no

she told me back then that it does not hurt the sheep
all this intervention, cutting ears and the rest of it
she a farmer’s daughter
i am not sure i agree 29..

(april 2020) 29..

i am surprised that you are surprised
i watched him on my neighbours tv
for we did not have one

we had the radio rented

we sat on the floor & i think i was
supposed to enjoy the experience

i hated it
we went on tuesdays & thursdays

i prefered to watch the one in the tv
shop window on my own even though
there was no sound

on my way with the can to buy parrafin
for the stove

on checking the spelling find that one
can buy it on ebay
these days

i did not mind that
though i hated the
launderette also

i remember the boys doing things i knew
was wrong
without a telling

she said that we are doing the lockdown with grace
those like us
i have seen that some make their own rules
like as children

saturday 28.. 28..

not much happens yet a lot
happens each day

yesterday i turned at the cattle grid
counted to ten as always
turned to see that all is green

seems suddenly
i know it was

like gradually the markers came
maybe someone someday will
see them

they say it is a holiday
with more folk about
so i will go early, used
to being solitary

four weeks &
there will be

i draw them in boxes now

or family units

i change the cd
and dance where
no one can see