Monthly Archives: May 2020

,day 14 isolation.

is all quiet in the garden

no one to be seen only

the birds and insects

& one green caterpillar

when we viewed the house i agreed

yet wished to for more isolation

he says no we need to be near

town and a main road with

a bus route

when he was gone & i got my

pass i saw the sense in that yet

still wanted more seclusion

so i made the garden come in

a way that sheltered me

now corona came

and i am rather


14 days with more to come

is all quiet in the garden

no one to be seen only

the birds and insects

& one green caterpillar

.day 14. 14..

took the longer route again and walked the verge
to distance from the boy and the dog. we shouted
across the main road punctuated by the dust of
essential lorries
and some domestics
flouting the rules

we must walk directly from home
not take the car to exercise
in a prettier place

i cannot get much prettier than here


supplies were delivered and each thing held
high for me to see at the upsairs window


many to explain
some things i never had before

yoghurt corners, softest bread bought especially
and chocolates so divine that i shall smooth the
wrappers to keep as memory

long life is rare now a luxury

he should not have come
he said he would use
the word vulnerable for me
if stopped

he wanted to share the food as he had plenty

later i cleared more leaves and had a bonfire

those in the van camping have been visited
told by the police to go home, they reply the
is home

i offered supplies
at a distance

they needed none
we waved goodbye

i walked round the studio and garden before bed
to notice and reflect on what i had done…..

.day 13.

day 13.

we are power walking each day
looking ridiculous with jeans rolled
stopping to look here and there
at all the new things
with spring

stopping while sweating to remove
some layers
chatting to myself

and so i answer while things fly
round my head in the sunlight

saw no one yesterday

yet know today that those out camping
in their vans will be sent
back to

stay at home

a nightly routine
is shopping

perhaps at 2am. it is quiet then the
website don’t stick with it all

day 13
i may have a visit at a distance

the postie says he will post urgent
letters and use his own stamps for
wearing his blue medical gloves

sometime i weep


..hello day 12..

reflecting on how the twigs were a worry

then i made them decorative

you see

there is a large tree in the garden

and during storms branches fall

so do do all the tiny twigs

lay underfoot

now in lockdown a while

started clearing them gathering into my apron

into the house and on the fire

with there being no garden waste collection at

my house no more

is a long story, a bit personal and got a refund


so the fire burns up real lovely

returns to the garden to gather more

this time in a bag


ready for the kindling

will not be buying morning sticks no more

a while


.day 12.

day 12.

to think of you up to your knees in snow

is preferable than imagining you swamped

in dirty laundry

saying that my laundry closed yesterday

i phoned and wished them all the best

the machines hard going making back ground noise

later my fuel arrived, logs, nuggets and sticks, delivery

man angry at others calling in the store for non essentials

and crowding together which is not done protocol

no more

for using cash and buttoning the payment machine

with fingers even though the swipe amount increased

like he said how come compost , wild bird food come

important when folk are dying

his wife works at the hopital in town

on my walk i meets the wooden dog, famed by me

on instagram and says hello.

his master stood a distance chatted a while until we

moved on both noting, commenting on the brighter


both noting the quiet road

i saw violets james

on return had a bonfire

the garden waste which

made me really happy


later when weary i failed with all the news and worry


on waking early and bright found that the asda site

gone quiet and booked my food delivery

so remain independant a while


hoping your fuel came too

stay safe

( note…james is a ‘penpal’ lives on tug hill. we share experiences daily)

.the escape.

am supposed to write about my great escape

though is not really come about in good

circumstances at all

there has not been nothing like it since that

plague or the bad flu thing after the war


in my lifetime


slowly the world is closing down

we are staying at home


protect us all for all the reasons he said that night

i have been here now eleven days & thats ok with


i work

i walk

i read

i look

& play

i dress down and comfy, i chat a lot to no one

i live on my own nicely

and after all this time i have escaped the pressure

i felt before

from society

my escape came quietly

corona virus

my escape came when i found my tormentor is ill
no longer a terror, no need to be afraid no more

i hate that this is topical

full of cryptic clues

hints are undeniable

i hated that i did not write like others

that it is all


mixed up

& personal

& now

know that it does not matter at all

.day 11.

.day 11.

we have lockdown here as you may know
it came last evening at 8.30, his knuckles

john phoned me then to say he cannot visit
as planned with me at the upstairs window
him in the garden below

so i ordered the things online
like the paint that arrived

‘happy yellow’ i gasped on opening
at how a colour can affect mood

a good name & i felt it so
that the doors will approve

later on the walk they dawdled up in front
stopped at all the turnings studying their

in my delay i saw the birds nesting
the river running clean before they

and i
did my one
daily walk

with power

good to get

there has been too much order in
those tidy drawings so i used the
carbon again with looking away

they came random
slightly wistful i feel

my neighbour knocked at the back
so i opened and reversed down the
long library hall to talk loud from afar

he talked sense
but wondered
if they were hyping
it all up

still waking early
with the day fully
ahead and clear

.day 10.

it may be best you do not watch the news

that you concentrate on fuel or ticks this


mostly in the day i am fine

muddling about here day



yesterday we ran out of knitting yarn

ordered more

mended the chair where he wore it


all those years back

drew my escape by boat with the

clockwork mouse while the neighbours


i did not see watch andrew marr as expected

in the morning

i saw a dedicated programme late afternoon

when i was tiring


maybe you are best not watching the news

the skies are clear here again today

it is very quiet and the schools have


hoping my fuel comes today

coal nuggets, dry logs and sticks

ordered remotely

.google alarm.

i asks my google for a reminder at six fifteen

she say reminder set, at what time?

so i says quarter past six

she says ok it is set for six fifteen

i blink

.9. light aircraft.

..light aircraft..

did i tell you a small plane flies over each day?

sometimes higher that the day before

i watch it
we all used to watch it
i watch it

so i fixed the phone
and found the message

and the past caught up with me
the circle turned again

i should feel a thing within
i do not

i stand and watch the plane

(really, oh really)