Monthly Archives: April 2020

.the studio yesterday.

yes the mass cloud of folk
their traditions and rules
invented and not mine either

and i may suspect
not yours

i said yesterday that if some folk
went quiet and listened like you

they may learn the understanding

like you have

she said very forthright and challenging
things that
she believed

and my drawing changed
then as i moved forward

reverted back to type

what a phenomena

hoping that all is well with
you with signs of spring

.the shopping trip.

(before lockdown)

glad to hear you got out
yesterday in the air
as did i

a spring day here too
on the top deck all the
way back from aberystwyth

i felt odd after being home
so much this winter

seems most folk were
the same and came
all chatty and neighbourly

the scone was perfect and
the baker insisted i had
extra butter
and a chat about
local, seasonal foods
and i thought of you
as my teeth slid into
yellow saltiness

the gold shop done closed
guess folk haave less money

maybe you will find a better
job, more suited to your

with windows
to see outdoors

glad you out to ride
your bike

light already

.other stuff.

yes we had marg or dripping
and when there was butter
for a treat there was no jam
on top, nor honeywe had to eat the bread bit before
we got cake
or tinned fruit with carnation
in those days

i bought butter as a friend was visiting
with buns

he watched while i spread it and remarked
that then there were local shops
so i says yes
corner shops

he frowned
and i says
well where i lived
they were mostly
on corners

we ate the buns nicely
with just the right amount
of currants
or are they raisins
in buns?

later the sun was out
and i rakes up the fallen
twigs and stuff and noted
that the council had not
taken the rubbish from
last week

anyhows sometimes
while writing like you
thoughts drift into mind

days in lampeter
where we feel secure

and other stuff

birds already singing
6.20 am


.regarding your snow blower.

we do not have those
we have hardly had any
this year only up the passes
here really

oh really it is quite warm even
without a wool coat

we used to play blow football
came in a compendium of games
at christmas

with little wire goalposts. it was
funny yet one brother took it
serious and got annoyed
at me

as always

he went to live with granny

the blowers smelled of plastic
needed breath
no gas

like yours .

briefly now
need to buy butter.

.the company of strangers.


i wished i did not have to go
or be the things, the way they wanted

at this age it is mostly fine, except when
my mouth blurts things i hoped i had
only thought

it is a state of affairs

i write about those days sometimes, the
better bits mostly. nowadays i can do
mostly as i please being an adult with

my own choices

and not mind too
much if they think
i am nuts

some days i do mind
and feel sad

i am booked on a trip and find
some from the village coming

that feels a bother
i am used to the
company of strangers

being strange myself

off t ‘mill


yes, we have been indoors a while now

it has happened before, do you remember

that year the snow came & i had to have a

taxi to get there

how all the guttering & aerials went with

the weight of it

suspension springs snapped

then after everything was repaired

some words we google then change

the letters about to confirm with

that which is deemed correct

granny had special knives too, fish

and butter and some others. on a

rainy day she would let us play with them

i still enjoy cutlery

i am not called that, mine is more

the usual without the d, however

now he texts me i am abbreviated

into gma

which is cool

i am enjoying being in so much

yesterday i was already and coated

then saw the snow warnings on the


so made coffee and ate malt loaf

the only other issue being some virus

out there

another reason, should i say excuse

for staying home

with my google assistant

.fog horn.

i remember the fog horn

we could hear it from

the house in green road

though miles from the sea

it seemed to me

liked hearing it while all

safe in bed

or thought i was

seems a fallacy

when no one is

safe really

though some are more

than others

seems i use some words

more than others

some not at all

we talked about corner shops

where we did the lesser shop

walked up to winton for the


mum said it would be cheaper


sometimes she sent me down

the corner for the gas mantle

with warning not to touch

with it being so fragile

we moved when i was five

with no corner shop

no fog horn

i will be drawing


.the irish man.

i notice this morning that
the work list is lost. though
it remains that i work sundays
unless i go on thursday or some
other day

she invites me to walk as we
have done before. i opt for
having a coffee instead

i like to walk quiet, to look
at things and remember them
so shall go alone

in london the irish man asked
for my number.

he did not ring. i guess he lost
it too.

i have been drawing


we have localised in that i am near
the estuary and the water flows up
with the tide and down at otherness

floods with the rains
over the fields so geraint moves
the sheep accordingly. one year

it all came suddenly and no one
prepared and lots were lost down to
the sea, cattle too and some sheds
and garden ornaments

the bridge came loose from the next
village , broken came down to jam
on penmaenpool toll

presently the worst of it seems to
be south wales and shropshire with
homes all under

water gets everwhere

today snow is forecast and while
prepared we come unprepared
and the roads over the mountains
gets icy
so some of us stay home

i am undecided this morning

at this age i feel it is my choice
and am not bothered on appearing

joan often appears even in hair cuts
yet always alive and still hopeful

i already have the star for bravery


.regarding canoes.

egarding canoes

i saw a car coming in with them

on top, the days of the floods &

assumed they were well prepared

the bridge is back open again i see

yet the bus is still diverted around

the waters

so will wait to go some sunnier

day when things come settled again

it was not urgent so i look forward

to a day drawing things out. yester

day it was joan of arc

we used to hear the lorry coming down

long road hill twice a week, tuesdays &


we chose our corona drinks, my favourite

was orange

the boys liked dandelion and burdock

or american cream soda

only a few know the end date

shrove tuesday