Monthly Archives: February 2020


it all became a thing yesterday
regarding these marks of yours

a bit of a collaboration
on twitter and we finished
on this

i hope you do not mind

“what sorta spots?

I think they are age spots,

I’ve heard them called liver spots too

ah those…. medals for all those years fought and survived

he tweeted

are also known as cemetery spots!


these things capture folks attention

we have a storm here
the cat had to go out
howled badly

she finds somewhere
for she always comes
in dry

as are those others

still dark
i guess is the
remnants of


hope you got to work on time
and did not get stopped by the
troopers this time

time goes fast and we forgets
our checks unless we gets sent
a text


i need to write about australia
the animals

how they cry out for those hurt
and lost, as do i


shoot the camels
from helicopters

as they like

not sure though
how to express

.fifteen pence.

thought i was fed up of mince pies

& lost my appetite

though having the day off work today

fancied one from frozen

reduced at last to fifteen pence

as that time is well and truthfully



i like to place upside down to remove

the tin foil ready for recycling

then cut crossways into quarters

it looks like those tiny meat pies

goblins, from tins

i don’t eat those of course

with it being meat & vague

ingredients which would

come clear if i read the


i eat the little bits

with mine coffee

& think that the pastry reminds

me of the 1960’s when tarts were

very usual

without much flavour

i think most of it is none of my business

although i hear folk are getting very

heated about it all

.questions & instructions.

maybe i prefer it when they all ignore me
than make all those comments that they

feel require an answer
when i often have none

today it rains heavily
i can hear it by the

this changes plans

i like things spaced
out, categorised

gives me a feeling of control
when there is none, do you

think that is why the questions

once he said to stay safe and i
thought, well hey, no one is safe

yet i said nothing back to him

i never say anything to him no
more, like he is not even there
no more

so i shall stay domestic here today
while rain falls

8.22 am

a scandal
to be so

.rules & regs.

seems i have made some rules
for my online activity and find
that chatting to you is exempt

from these invented regulations

so i work here for one hour early
again a while at dusk


nice things happen
stove is lit
washing is in
cat is out

door locked against
& all settles in

i do not use private messages
for work
except a fella on tug hill,
in a friendly manner only

i make no remarks
on improvements & refurbishments

i hope you are enjoying your time away
from work, and that the length of your
sentences vary

.black pullover.

liking jazz should listen more
maybe google will help me
in that respect

remember those days dancing
at least wednesdays & fridays
with a bit of luck after payday
saturday too
with the new pullover
bought from the men’s

the fashion had not then
entered the overall market

maybe we came ahead of our time
without understanding all the

i got thinner
& lost my job
for dressing funny

that was before the laws
changed. i disliked the

it smelled funny
and now i know why he
always sent me to the store
upstairs to work where no one
saw me

the other girl dressed like all the others

it seemed i dressed funny

& danced to jazz
particularly well to
i felt

as not many even tried

those days

oh really
oh really

.the critique.

i feel i cannot get involved
give remarks. i know when
something gets me. embeds
a while

after a moment of reflection
say ‘bravo’

all the chat and critique
will only spoil that spot
for me

i reply to you for i like the
simple passing to and fro
with understanding

the talk on heating & coyotes

what good is all the bashing for


i must say that i take most remarks

on board &
as a compliment
that someone read
and bothered

i got bashed for not reading
yet i do that too when i am

hugging may be more productive
oh really

later the chimney sweep comes
to sweep the chimney

.the rainbow.

it came as a badge on a card so pretty.

the rainbow

do you believe those stories like some

invented to keep us calm, in our place

there is a lot of stuff in genesis that i

could have copied and pasted here

yet i will rather say that all things are

on a spectrum

of colours & ideas

nothing is one colour only, as decided

in invented rules. for we are all different

& use the rainbow as a symbol to remind

folk and to bring us together in time


he liked the badge


this thing

out of shyness

& that no one will respect any thing serious

from me while i am outside

that is where i feel to be

i notice that i stood a space away

and drawn in will joke & play

hoping to look happy that

all will like me

having been a dancer

taught to smile


to carry on

then a waitress

taught to smile

to carry on whatever

never serious

do not make that mistake

show them who you really



the joker has ten nominations

really oh really!!

. google assistant .

oral commands work sometimes


another time it does not

i tried talking to the light

yet no one answered as nothing is set

in that respect


at jamaica inn those days

they had no alexa

only servants to do

the deeds & random chores

no promise of an answer for and of


encyclopaedias in between

with the surprise

of spelling it right

i feel

i forget what the other word was