Monthly Archives: October 2019

.the return.

early morning

as if last week is forgotten

it is not

somerset is pretty

and while i enjoy

i feel that some do not

it was nice you kept in touch again

thank you

it is good to have friends

to reconnect on returning

much to think about

to keep to myself

to not mess with other

peoples’ perceptions

finding it easy to stay offline

yet feel the need to get back to working

i ate free fruit and saw a one horned cow

hope the laundry is neat

that you are well

returning to autumn


.safety notes.

have not played chess for years

never found a partner

i think i work best alone

we have touched on this before

he mentioned a cross word

i told him of both my excitement

and failure

in this department it may

be best to stay from the edge

we are a little inland here

and feel it is safer overall

although i like to see the sea

hold on to the trees

she said that we all make mistakes

that it is best to know how to correct


not to mull over

get on with it

get over it

that was a long time ago

yet look i still remember

still mend things

glue and string

clues leave me restless

i told him of the music misunderstanding

he touched my hand


..the loosening..

it gets stuck


we need the time of loosening

first time the car warns of

the danger of ice

in september

as i reverse gracefully up the lane

it is a difficult manoeuvre best

done without thinking


after loosening

we gets stuck sometimes

.. regarding autumn ..

the kittens will be kept safe? if i lived near
i should have them

i think it sounds like a bounty bar
which we have in two parts

the coconut sticks in the teeth
to suck out later

yes i was a maid back then
worked mornings time off
all afternoon
until it all went wrong

things change
we change with that

dear lord a busy hotel
for you. i cannot imagine

my laundry comes each week
to collect one sheet, one
duvet cover
sometimes one bolster case

brings it back nicely on fridays

you must be steaming

i walked the garden yesterday
the longer grass was cut, bagged
and is out for recycling
sadly i find a grass snake
strimmed and dead

smooth silky to touch

plans for the edges come
into mind
plan to make things manageable
leaving it looking natural

leaves are turning slowly daily

except at the turning

they go first always
and suddenly

this time of year

.bus pass.

it seems we all have to apply

for an updated version

not prepared

for all the enthusiasm

the website went down

so phoning for a paper application

as often easier

the assistant refers to me as

her love

as in my love

assumes i cannot use the internet

her love asks why the update

and it is explained that it is for fraud prevention

it seems

too many dead people are travelling by bus

these days

i will wait a while

she says that the paper forms are not yet printed

my love


the bear remains very quiet



you may remember in the past

how he spoke to me of his

sadness and disappointment

his fear about the future

his fear about all things

political and general

he spoke to me of how he

will like the kindness

his nationality

the climate gently

now he just looks at me



some times it all comes at once

full on

then later

all goes quiet here and there

there may be a need to take more sandwiches

with butter to keep the energy up

i took a yoghurt only and came very hungry

and fueled up with peppermints in the


the note came by post

with no need to answer written

with pencil

in this eight day period

i will say the same to you

with typing

from monday to friday next week

there will maybe be no message

from me

clean laundry from you to

help the maids

here we call them housekeepers

while the customers regard

things their own way

and my lip is buttoned


window misted

bird on the ledge

..yellow hammer..

you may call them potato chips

in a packet all salty?

my house cat precious

likes mushrooms

a lot

raw and squidgy

she likes the leavings of salad

while the wild ones enjoy

out of date yogurt

from the bus yesterday i saw

a field of knapweed all gone


still beauty in the seed heads

the film was about a man who

saw beauty

about his mother abusive, manipulative

about my travelling to see it

about sitting with others

feeling differing things

opposing opinions

the film yesterday changed things

she said even small people can

change the world

i hope it is so

we are published now

yellow hammer

some still sit quietly at home

and let it drift

a few do not

.food stuff.

that ice cream thingy must be a local thing

to you

i cannot think of anything here

like that

only a sweet made with wafer and marshmallow

that looks like one

i used to buy ross’s puff candy

i had 3d on wednesdays to


major decisions what to buy

never crisps

i was not allowed


they were a waste of money, only potato

my brother bought them for me

when he worked

it came our secret

i have them now of course

as many as i like

they did not have any logs at the store

not had any all summer either

i think i will find another supplier


been trying a more fresh fruit

and veg diet

gave me a belly ache

last eve

serves me right

back to the bread today


for breakfast

before a trip to aber arts

for the film

6.44 am

still dark

stomach settled

with latest headlines

.small talk with voice.

it may be a small voice

small talk

strong syllables

rather than shouted blasphemy

is that what you mean by small talk?

or do you mean idle conversation

about nothing in particular

i can do that too

we talked about carrots that evening

prompted by a stranger

how do you cook them or do you

eat them raw and grated

great that one can cut them differing shapes

she said she decides how to cut them according

to the accompanying veg

or company

you know if you are with friends it is good to

eat them easy

without bits hanging out

of the mouth

is that what you mean by small talk?

or do you mean words of one


not too many syllables like

that last word there

or tiny words squeaked like a mouse

very quietly

i can do that too

i can write small talk with voice