Monthly Archives: September 2019

.manchester ship canal.

you kept going while i was away even during storms

real grit

i am back as you can tell

will settle in a few days

7.21 home

lots to do

i briefly say that
i travelled to southport
then the manchester ship canal
then manchester town

i enjoyed it
much happened

much to do
to regroup
and tidy

your poor legs

a photo



oil pond mirrors the darkness the november

day sun draws white against the grey

this leaf lays on earth

there is no god

not hungry nor otherwise

you look at me straight and ask the past

and briefly I say & say there is no god

you did not smile nor shout you are the deadest thing

dead down . no smiling despite birds gone by

on greasy wings .i remember your look

your face

drawn grey as mourning doves

that remind

for me there is no god