Monthly Archives: August 2019

.whaley bridge.

i like your landscape
your scenery different
from here, yet we have
queen anne’s lace too
yesterday we swept along the new bypass
yet the flowers were gone over though
else where is all rowan berries and rosebay
willow herb

such a day
freedom from driving
mapping the land
pausing in montgomery
go google

the next destination

your road is straight
as was ours
roman up to the castle

today is quiet work
again to see what comes

have you heard about the dam
at whaley bridge?

news on the radio
i have to be careful
how i spell things

.bus trip.

up early
a bus trip today
with a friend

a breezy start with warm spells
radio predicts. i looks out the
window to see
and see

work came fine yesterday
not finished, then nothing
ever is really

we just says it is
and leaves it alone

someone likes it
dislikes it

sends a message
that they feel it is


what they feel is fine

the winner is decorative, manipulative
romantic, nostalgic and boring

i am not in that race
i am not a winner
nor a loser then

hope your day comes good
hope your day is free from

some things
full of other things

best dash

bit excited
bit ready for the day


watching moments
recalling then writing

sharing them across the world

i hope his finger survived

people eat them i hear
here i would not

not now

i write in places
where no one comments
yet i have found that friends
read it quietly
and smile

they tell me

and if no one came
it would remain the same

in time to the music
the pattern
the pulse


which slow sometimes
when we give way

it was a pleasant day yesterday
there was drizzle and wild flowers

the garage fixed the wheel
and changed my seat configuration
as always

they are taller than me
most are

the gas man came as i was fiddling
with it
and helped

he always does
a kind man
who retires next april

looks young to me

crumbs in the keyboard
dust on the screen

dry day
to hang the washing

.i am.

I have always been plain, unadorned and feel uncomfortable other ways.

Best to be honest about ourselves.

.storm forecast.

i am not there no more

only here

and no one missed me

at all

now there is a lesson

to be learned

my lesson

it is overcast today

a slight breeze from the



a slight hint of colour

bleeding from the patch below

back garden full

of birds full

of flowers

the rose scrambling

into air

by the graveyard fence


i may not write about the mill today

except to say that we were busy

i worry for the world

the warming

the anger

and cut out the things that may affect

it all

no one will notice

and i guess it

will make not much



news & weather forecast

.the day comes good.

the day comes good

when the fly looks cute

despite all the bad press

the upbringing

the day comes good when the

delete icon looks like a fairy cake

to me

when you take me on a walk to see the

biggest rocks

my fancy

the fancy house standing empty


.on guard.

how intersting that must be
sitting up

when one awakes

holes in the heart
the mind

we went on a new walk
in hot sun unexpected

i stood to view nannau afar
covered the scar for fear of


for fear of being me

i behaved impeccably
i feel apart from the
photograph incident

is she home?
is the cat still home?

i can walk miles quietly

yesterday the planes flew over low
the mind cleared of the news of him

we carry on

good morning
summer morning
knapweed patch
is flowering well

.the dolls house.

the dolls house is small with pointed tracings

above the windows.

kept upstairs. unfinished & fitted with bunting

outside. a gift.

faded now.

there is not much inside.

sometimes i go to live there when

there is not much inside.

when i feel anxious,

a fragile day to hide

fragile way to hide.

peer out small windows, to peer in

make some reflection.

my bones are brittle, the skin comes drawn


the dolls house .

curtains drawn, deplete to hide there.

deplete reside there while.

he made it

i use it

i photograph it

and not finish it

some things come minimal.

the dolls house

not much inside

the bones of it are



.note to james.

6.19 am
yesterday after work i got the news
that another had died sudden

there was nothing could be done.

so it goes.

before the news it was a lively day
at mill

two splendid folk especially
that will remain
in memory

i remember their names
i remember their shoe sizes

at home
the news came
and i wearied

the day quietened

so it goes


classic fm
wifi ok