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..lower case..

it is a smart bike with just a capital for your name
this morning which
bodes with rain & pastural lyrics

i see there is a little rack on back for your shopping


i had a basket on the front for that and later days
the little dog

before she died

i thought of another bike yesterday
walking down the track

it is busy now with the summer here
it never used to be                now it is
very popular to be avoided by
folk like me

who enjoy being solitary

she talked a lot and that is ok
i gave myself breaks and looked about

i do find people interesting yet it is
good to pull back inside later

the i/me

you have bears?

my other self
when things get rattled

i watched a documentary regarding brexit
the bear sighed.

with a full stop after

i have worked with niches before
in aberaeron

now i stay local
or dispay on holiday

your name

with a capital letter as has she

regards to you both
today this lovely day
without a comma there

friday 19 july
news talks of dreadful car crash
america shooting down a drone
birds sing


the day arrives damp in lower case
a few knapweeds have flowers

i walked through them yesterday
to feed the birds. while some may
say overgrown
it felt lovely

i may photograph it later

we went to the gallery
and though i tried hard
my mouth let loose

she noted that i was constructive
and said nothing nasty. it was involuntary

a nice time by bus, my car gears gone

today i walk the old railway track
down to the pub by the toll bridge

which means i will sleep well
after the exercise

i usually sleep well anyhow
leaving the radio on
the window wide

stone walls you mention stone walls
we have them here all over even up
over the mountain

slate ones too utilising slate waste
looking like rows of grey graded teeth

yes the work the labour and who they
used to build

bromnleys boys worked on some here
a pleasure to watch. i add the white crystal stones
in the niches week by week

when i find them

i like moving stones about

i note that i am writing from this perspective
of i/me, what else

the tank man talked to me a while yesterday
about a soiree which should have an accent
over the ‘e’, said i will have liked it

i put him straight on that one
i like to talk to him. it is refreshing

i like the weathered look come unintentional

i looked out for my friends house too described
as the one with all the plants outside on the pavement

there were four like this
no front gardens so they place the pots so pretty

may be a muddle when i visit

news come from the bbc so it is time
to carry on, lets carry on

Sonja 7.00 am
cat yowling
mist down the valley


she declared her age

as an opening line

added that the teeth were hers

real and her hair undyed

as natural

a sister  still blond

her twin

she called me dear


my toes curled


Your words remind me of the joy I felt with my first adult bike at 18, sweeping about the countryside. Dorset. Evenings.

I could not buy a car. I had no freedom then really & too scared to try.

Here we spell them tyres and glad for you they are coming.

My house is very old.

Full on day yesterday at Mill unpacking leather goods . The smell clings.

I needed help with my revulsion. The chamois and deer skins. She helped me and we became giggly despite the sadness.

Once again it is a pretty day and I have found that the tall plants are knapweed, and nearly flowered. The news plays on with out any good news . I am sure there is some, and I am sure it comes from the little things. they do not broadcast that,

I am pleased now with the not linen top described as linen. They gave me half my money back and it becomes a pyjama top. Loose and cool.

Your tales of your area and cold tea are of those words found in a novel. For me.

A surreal film. It has the makings of the sort I like, slow and determined.

The days move forward, we focus on the pleasantness mainly. We worry over the rest.

Now they play Elgar and I must get on with the day. Enjoy your new tires, your expeditions .
With Capitals


late now
an internet outage
so i drove to fetch fuel

he said those things…..

i read an article yesterday about the thought process
how it is stories in our heads with the initial i/me

my story is that they are critical
denounce me as a non reader
with out opinion

my thoughts are mine protective
not to be believed, not inflicting

my story is that they think i do not care

it probably only takes one to start it
that is enough

i feel this is a time of change
let us hope it is for good

there is a flower out back
tall and seedy that closes
at night

a bird came down into the stove yesterday again
i let it out

enjoy the day
small clouds note


some things come better with movement
you can read me else where if you wish &

if you wish i can write in this thread sometimes

if you don’t find me horrid which you
indicate you don’t

it was good on the forum a while reading
writing and using suggestions given

it is the personal comments on my nature
that i find hard to take when they don’t know

when i feel so much about all things

it is a warm quiet morning sleep dust crumbling
into tea cups with noises from next door

i shall have a nice day at home today

making amends making patterns or proses

i never fight no more
not for myself
i will fight for others

i just walk away and leave the trolling behind

that is enough on that
that is how it is now

so anyhow this cool guys buys socks at mill
and flashes his hand over the card machine to pay

so so cool. a smart ring.

he told me some folks have the smart thing implanted, he said
you know like they do to dogs.

i thought that dogs do not really need a smart card, yet
i knew what he meant.

like when the lady phoned in to asked it she may carry her
dog in the store
& i imagined an alsation, yet
i knew what she meant.

gentle, soft, music morning.
sun on the tree bark. wild buds


somewhere in wales

..low battery..

enamel tops and ice cream, i have both

my ice cream is soft scoop yet not entrely
easy as advertised

you know that i am leaving here
and you are the last link

i left one time back , i was persuaded
to return

it is no good
i do not like things

yes bala is my studio too
my luxury

i could make do with the one
at home, yet both work well
in their own ways

your day sounds grand
i hope the macaroni cheese
tasted good

i had the last of the vegetable curry and banana bread
made from the things in the veg box so far nothing
is wasted

only a peach gone rotten at full price now in the

i have three bananas left to eat

give my best regards to her
and to know i am nothing

just ramblings and rhetoric
recollections on retro furniture

and the state of play
each day

so enjoy this day
each day

low battery
nothing moving much