Monthly Archives: June 2019


i told you it was a level of buttercups

still is where the council have not cut.

now higher & here & there comes the



in colour with stature.

as i child i made tea with the seeds

& unable to drink for fear  changed

the idea to perfume.


seems that you are trouble, is that correct?


it seems you need to let the birds sing

& not eat them?

i was hungry.

she came here angry & shaky at what you had done.

she doesn’t get that you are wild ones & do not know

her rulings on food.

does she eat animals though?

i expect so


her husband catches fish

.note to thelma.

Yes we are all aging together and it is part of life. There are compensations for me: things not allowed in youth are permissable now. So i gets plenty of ice creams….

I have mailed Carol as I see I am on a big day out next Tuesday so am unable to come over for the meeting, and I am sorry.

I remembered proverbs and wrote the bit below. Please send my greetings to all and also from Rosey. Have a good summer and maybe see you in Port.


i drive home along a trail of buttercups

high with yellow


& filling roundabouts, here abouts,

i think this looks neat and tidy with my mind.

the coucil cuts it down, leaving dead bits around,

then slowly it turns brown,

maybe that is others’ version of tidy?

( thanks to Jo for the confirmation)

( urban slang ,

neat – expression that means something is wonderful, terrific, or cool.

tidy -to describe something, someone or some situation that is good or pleasing)


at some point i realised i only have the new testament

given me by a child psychiatrist.

the other testaments are in welsh.

i mostly read english.


they have an extra garden

as well as their own.

up the hill by the red house.


walk up with tools and summer hats

when hot.

it is a gift as they leave the lane alone


where all grows wild.

.holiday plans.

“excuse me, i should like to go on holiday in september please.”

“that soon?

fancy that! I shall go to the foot of our stairs”

” no, no, i should prefer the steppes in central asia; i like

to travel the continents”

” yes i am inclined to agree; it will be an uphill journey

for us both.

to learn, to grow & to rise in status

in society”