Monthly Archives: June 2019

.to paint of rain.

Here trikes are children’s 3 wheeled bikes. For me a sweet memory. I had one until it broke…

I do not know about lottery tickets though at work I am in the lottery club. Someone else deals with that.

Last year I won £8 so I bought plants.

The meadow grass here is now higher than the oxe eye daisies, and sorrel turns dark in the wayside. Birds like the seeds. I watch them,

Yesterday I sat among the yellow spike flowers and watched the butterflies and a red kite flew overhead.

I will stay mainly at home today as it is hot and there will be lots of folks about. I see I have a few brambles to cut and areas to clear. As the heat rises, I will be in the studio to paint of rain and other incidents.

I hope your new saddle proves comfortable.

Yes, I wonder about the world, whilst wondering at the world.

My friend  died, fell out of bed and died. I like her, a gentle soul, never real well.

Enjoy your day . It is hot and still. I hear the lorries on the road. Mansel Davies.

.bus conversations.

the bus conversation started about lunches

sunday lunches


i work on sundays.

she said that farmers work that day, shearing

so cannot go to church.

when dead ready to be buried wool is placed

in a hand

to explain their absence in church

to a mythical being at a gate.

she said i could do that.

only no, if i was not at work, neither

would i go to church.

i watch andrew marr

.three things.

we felt there were three issues

that day

to worry us.

nothing major like yours.

yet we hoped that things would sort in time.

seems they did

one way & another.

     you came, you shook & angered.
you left while things stayed the same


i hope for a higher gate.

2.             the sticks fell with help.

remain & look decorative.

3.              you did nothing  which usually works.

one way or another.

the grave yard grass looks beautiful while long

looks beautiful when cut.

.folded notes.

she said old people fold notes


i felt insulted.

she said it bothered her a lot

when she counted them.

we should keep them flat


others may agree

or agree

it is nothing at all

to be worried about

when the world may be dying.




live in exaggeration, the weather is real,

as are the  mountains, feelings and foxy noses….

 bless all the foxes, their pointy ears upward.


Goldfinches are feeding on sorrel. Buzzard wanting to feed on goldfinches. All active as the graveyard grass is cut.

Yes my bike has three speed gear! I felt it was the business, as was the Pashley all country and upright. Yet I could not lift it over the locked gates and had to take the main road to work rather than the lanes. Not sure why I stopped using it, maybe when he got sick.

Drafting stopped here, my elder brother just missed it by a whisker. We called it being called up.

The gov called it National Service.

I guess you were hurt…….one way or another? What was the ship called?

Enjoy this day. I am at mill today.


Yes I was aware of the various stages I inhabited at the gathering, yet I survived and
hope I built the bridge a little further.
I am still in bed with drippings and sneezings, quite a treat for I am usually up at 6 am.

It is a beautiful morning and I am watching the feral cats from my bedroom window.

They are hunting in the new cut grass in the grave yard.



.these keys.

no one moves the keys, changes the letters. there is a writer, and a block of stamps ready. some notes work. while. others do not.


no boxes left. only those of a different size, quite a shock your anger that leapt from nowhere…

3. .drilled.

lift the cotton, look again. cover the place with whiteness. pink is pretty, white is clean. they do not want to see it today, a reminder of fragility.