Monthly Archives: May 2019


i saw you laying on the sand, winded. no heart marks left.

i ask if you will die in the sun so strong.

you did not answer. the tide was out.

it did not feel hot yesterday,

windy maybe and i got burned.

i watched the sea swell

and ebb.

i returned you had not moved, sand stuck, flies came.

i could no longer see through you

you beauty.

later that day an adder passed by on the path.


i wonder if you are known as bill like he was.

you talked about your creator and bill was mine,

& my mum.

i have talked about them before.

i feel that nature was mainly mine, not love nor purpose

as far as i can tell.

you said i listened and so i did, about life and war , power and politics

and i was sad.

sad when you mentioned the first and then the second war. cried inside

when you talked about the bloody bombs on japan.

you suggested our histories william, while i was listening and you shook my hand

on the width of the old stones walls.

where i live.

i understand your faith by bike abroad, and when asked if i believe

in our ressurection and the life to come,

i said no.

i read the bible. past tense.

little folk you said you like, i ask if you mean faeries and find you spoke of the ordinary

as do i.

i knew things would work out while i waited for the bus.

later that day i studied the timetables.



the badger was dead by the side

of the road.


i passed the other side.

returning on that side i stopped to look.

it did not smell.

it was just dead.


.cold water.

i found you stranded.

held you , hugged you.

felt the weight of your body.

felt your fin.


i took you to the water

and lay there with you

hoping it would save your life.

.3 days.

hese are the longer days, lighter days, wood pile growing, apple wood, colours of joy. believe in the world, that you can spell first time. be proud as you point out where you live, at all there is.

.the pub up the road.

they are asking in the village if the pub is open yet.

i question have they called by to ask?

they are asking in the village if the pub serves food.

have they popped in to ask & to see the menu?

they are saying in the village that the front needs tidying

as does the car park.

i ask the folk in the village if they will tidy their own place

and to be glad the pub is open again.

i called in to a lovely guided tour and a warm welcome.

let us not be so critical. tyn y groes.

.did you not grow?

yes i did.

each spring

before easter came

she bought me a new cotton dress in m&s.

st margaret.

a bigger size

taken up, tucked in with

room for growth.

the next year it was second best for school

taken down , let out

and fading in the summer holidays.

the jackets were my brothers.