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 Your parchesi looks like our ludo. Late up today as was at the theatre last eve with friends and the star was upstaged. Most of the daytime was rain and I wrote stuff. It is good to be different, i like your work.

I like patterns and organising things.

the idea of a book is mine homework……..

i have wood drying yet i admit to buying kiln dried birch logs from the farmers store

cracking good flames

My logs cost £12 for 4 bags and I buy those as  need. My neighbour brought fir logs at Christmas and I have hazel, oak and conifer drying. Keep warm James

 The  photo is from last year, my neighbour’s path. He does not know the flowers and he strims them away. He is a farmer.

I like the salvage yards here and am a frequent visitor.

.spring muck.

the sun shone

it was warm

i could not move the rock so

with the fire brick we made

a step thereof

sun stroked skin so

we decided to stay out

up the graveyard to clear the gullies

& gutters

terry called round at three

yet could not find me he

texted later that evening

the sun shone

.the bear.

the bear raised his head & cavorted his red pyjamas

the news had come early

hey google woke him

it was then he knew he will be european a little longer

later he covered up with the blanket

she had said it will not be for long


.the little play.

passenger to driver. i have never been upstairs on this bus.

driver to passenger. this is a single decker

passenger to driver. yes. i have not been on the upper deck.

driver to passenger. i do not drive double deckers.

passenger to driver. i guess you need two drivers with one to drive upstairs

while you drive below

driver to passenger. the two decks are stuck together. the top goes along with the bottom deck with one set of wheels.

driver smiles


passenger to driver. there is a chocolate bar.

driver. fudge.


sweet columbine who runs so lightly

please be me

flimsy misty dress

little smile of sweet & honest charity

let it be me

let me dance the world away

in black with white & melody

let them like me & applaud

this world away


.mrs may.

dear one

please be kind & care

for those that have no home

no money

no health

while you buy handbags


it was that holiday they said you bought it for some

thousand pounds

while he died out side the house from cold