Monthly Archives: January 2019


it is probably the marks of the work i like

the logs stacked neatly

old things reused

the idea that we will leave the wild wood alone

while he does not

like the old things used

not discarded

it may be the stitches holding things together with

care and honesty

we each have our own rules


my radio played

the memorial

he said that they

shut them inside

and burned them

to the ground

the villagers


is quiet just the radio yet,
& did i hear the water
run next door.
i drew the dress yesterday
with the star.

the dress that is hardly there
& very there
it must never fade in memory
so i have fixed
the dirty marks & smudges
the hurt & pain
& pinned the badge


i suggested you did not watch while

mr gove spat fire

venom & blood

yet you did

and could not raise yourself

this morning

i will cover you with wool

and you may remain so

all day

.things change.

partially due to the weather

state of the roads

these are not just closed

due to snow


as cars slide cause a commotion

it is a steep hill the crimea

some call it a mountain

steeped in history

plans change while

the bus windows remain dirty

it has been a long time coming

it lasted many years now is gone

all of it

all the straight ideals and weathered work

who will come laughing?

who else loves rusted nails

reddened eyes?

all things change except they say one

look at

squirrels and disarray

the river ebbs flows

otter marks erased

our lane quiet now

locals walk leaves stir

birds fly up

in passing remember then

we laugh again

he will bring logs again


there were four of us

and mum

dad went away early

we played in cuckoo woods


people dumped stuff

not often


there was a mattress with springs

so we tied some to our feet with string

and bounced

later i hid in trees

i know some of you like to hear more

i feel we were quite a jolly bunch

at first

until i realised

we were not



as opposed to funny we are constantly relocated

looking into suitcases and meeting places,we find another idea

amusing as opposed to witty

hide away

nice as opposed to the opposite

no pattern

say yes

it is a habit born not from birth

your nurture

stop no. & think

yes is possible

there is none shame in the opposite

(= some)

almost rhymes with it

wait a while

.seeds for the future.

have you collected seeds of many years packed labelled dated

do you have them now in boxes

a gift from those who love

they will bring work joy an independent air

profound gifts

for those who care

have you
leaned by the window cold

thought that if snow falls it may land

if trees grow it may be up

if we all plant seeds they may be food


deserves praise yet should come as natural

there may be too many additives these day

not enough honesty grown

she said i should have something new in the greenhouse.

i have

i said, and thought of you


planted the seeds



maybe eleven . she was not mad.

brother dead

mother failed

. no

question of normality.

they stated how it was

a fact

no one mentioned abuse

some questions are never asked

i cannot spell psychiatrist