Monthly Archives: November 2018

.the fallen.

dad did not die in the war

he sent primroses to my


from somewhere

in england before i was born

there is a half sister


who says he was not up to much

i have his army photo with dried

white tack

it falls off the wall

.constable in passing.

you see it sometimes in passing

a glimpse of another life

another way of being

trees reflected

think beyond that horizon

to a home that awaits when we relocate

will our work be different?

will the souls arise?

you see it sometimes in passing

light & hope & if the heart is ready

the work comes different

water meadows





tucked in with you

look at the eye squint

it is black

nothing can get at  us  here

in the black

you know it all

i have told you                      over

your eye glints in the dark

you look the same              always


you say nothing

people walk by

it is a long time since i drew a bear of wool

((it is about abuse / homelessness/ the need for a place of safety))

.home work.

it is a new stove. i had it last year.

while away i left the door shut

on my return i lit the sticks and coal

november the fifth

i cleaned it next morning ready

and found the tiny bird by the door


not even burned

yet dead

i have kept it photographed it

it was not a bonfire

it was an accident


oddly rhymes with posterity


the irony

how can they make such rigid stuff
from soft wools

take the thing then
harden it.

they say it will last a lifetime

hold its own

in the cold frozen

the code will not work,

nor will the counting with interruptions

austerity rhymes

with irony

not posterity


i went to the new dentist on friday and advised him i am scared of dentists, and he advised me that he was scared of patients.

i like him.