Monthly Archives: October 2018

.bone house.

no words to describe the mass, the danger of it all, the hate that rises. the parallel, the home, the black chair. power house. bone house.
the power house looms ahead. they pray for peace and family, their lovely homes and salary. pigs. work for the people supposedly.

power house

has no hold over me now


clear peripheries, learn to spell curiousity

burnish wax. today a small task

layered in air …

.the mouse and his child.

I do not know if it is first edition, is just my book i bought from charity and read it mainly in the back bedroom.
Out of site. The photographs are writers on postcard size prints.
I cannot come on the 27th yet I hope it all goes well.
I think I shall like to be involved with most things as I do not often get to London.

.his small collection.

i saw you fallen & photographed you

took you to be stitched yet could not save you nor any of them

it feels natural, without the need to explain. to verbalize the fallen

his small collection comes from concerns with the fallen


. nothing is forced .

only bought for decoration.

sometimes it is good
to stop suddenly beyond
unreasonable doubt. you

may find things you like,
people to inspire you
with paintings, stories
white gowns, gathered.

we are both going to london.


.dunoon again.

. All is the same there.
I left the stone yet the storms may have moved it a little.
I said hello to your hotel.
Yes the Durley Dene is good with a spa and a wonderful cream some tea oh and chandeliers of course. The other Bournemouth hotel whose name I forget was all mirrored furniture and starchy tablecloths.
Saw two films in the little cinema with a fellow traveler while others sheltered from the storm in the hotel lounge with sandwiches and games.
I avoid private views so a day at home after a quick trip into Dolgellau for the post etc. Hope you have a real good time in Dunoon.
Oh there is a good photography exhibition at Burgh Hall and the cafe is open there too. The library is open in the Queens hall and has stunning views.
A friend showed me her photos of whales up the watter. ..teaching their offspring to hunt. The watter turned red. It is said they swam up to Glasgow where they turned and headed back.
The framers up the back road may be open so one can visit his pet lizard. Have fun.


…hear the geese fly over. it is autumn…
they are overhead here, too.
the window is misted, sky pink
an ink wash day….

.poet 147.

:: it has left me tired ::

adrift, will the sky at last explode, or will this hate

continue pointlessly, for thousand thousands years.

numbers that cannot describe each particle of pain.

each bloody bomb that kills yet again.

it may have left us tired, we are alive to witness.

yet again.