Monthly Archives: September 2018


ta. i quite like shopping, i know some people don’t, but i like to look at all the things, and listen to the people. i had best buy lilies..

.a private message.

never had a red dress made of paper cloth, now i have two.


let us look at things, differently.

often, we do things, no one ever sees.

that is you and me. two of us
dancing in the dark. it came
and went,


will come again
in autumn, then

all can see.

this time,
it was a
private view.



hard to keep rules,
where there are no rules.

hard to be a yard stick these days,
when others use meters.

found it exhausting, packing,
making the installations. it

is not hard, yet my mental
got exhausted.

i went to the party.



Lovely. I nearly rented a run down bungalow at Sandbanks before the boom. It was nice then.

I bet your bus went past St . Anns hospital where Mum was for a long and many times. She had electric shock treatment. It was all nuts

My boyfriend was in there too. He put his head in the oven. He came out as gay later. He was a croupier at the Royal Bath.

Oh my days. You have kicked off memories .

Enjoy the day x

.it is.

those things around me, things are said, overheard and remembered

history, news


it means the dust will not settle, and each small thing has importance. it gives me voice


a rhythm of sounds, words and all feelings

I find that when I cannot draw it, photograph it I can at least describe it

layer it

.september comes.

pressure goes, is gone with the news that

my legs are ever brown


the trees have changed by the maentwrog


that my voice no longer is

streaming through my head

between my ears sounding

like lead

and while all this has settled

tuck in and sleep a while

the pressure diminishes

september rises

all was well yesterday