Monthly Archives: August 2018

.penny weight.

on sundays i watch

gardeners’ world early

with coffee

before i gets for work

at mill

giant gooseberries this morning

carefully each in it’s own box

penny weights

.talking pictures.

i know it is a story

a film yet


i am shocked

when people are killed in films



and deeply shocked

when people are still killed in war

which is not a story

or a



There will be a cotton hankie and a bag of beach combed pieces.

Some are very tiny so I tips them onto something white to see. Set up is lining them into rows onto the hankie. I make up categories for the rows and use even the tiniest bits too.


thanks @Nigel .

it  is a parrot made in glass

gender neutral


i like unicorns


we do not have an asda


.big rock.

some of us go out for tea and stay a while

some of us arrive at eleven

leave at five

after considering

the dots

pyramid style: therefore

then upside down; because

checking efficiency so that we may be pleased

with the choices made that day

yesterday the word was silence

i shut up and got on with it



there are asterisks on the calendar

we thought it denoted something important


a coachload coming

for tea

i saw it

& thought of

asterix the gaul

though no one i know

has heard of him

the glossy covers nor nothing

anyhow i asks the boss, so what are these stars

for you know

asterisks, careful how i say it

so as not to confuse with comics

oh that.

that is me crossing out my leave

and not a star at all


.one man.

first i scanned the doll
then had it printed large
for london

photographed the print
using an app

one man with camera
no longer available

the sun shining slantways in the studio

i think


on tuesday they have the poetry club

in the pub, by chance i went

was told they were quiet, rather private

and i understood

they bent low and whispered words

mostly looking down or away

my host laughed

noted it as almost silent

yet what is the harm

on tuesdays i attend our poetry club

in a pub

where we project and flail about emotionally

shaking we sit after and have a biscuit