Monthly Archives: July 2018

.04 wal.

happy memories?

do it remind you of the good


the not so



it may be easier to accept things now

angel cards

.the second part.

may not be written

though they have taken notes

the truth can be too much

for them to share

long deep ditches

full to brimming

the man on the tv

told it how it #is



reported that       he lost his husband

swept away to sea; too near the edge

mentioned his age, his occupation

told the wrong story

some are careful how they speak

with diction and electrocution

spelling correction and oddities

dictate the right words

yes it is me

yet do you know me


choose your words carefully


they will  misunderstand





it is not my village

i have lost that one

it grew

too big

that is carelessness

rooms full of plastic now

instead of hard wood

ocean wave


i try to be anonymous

but am found out

how careless

they ask

‘did she lose her husband?’

.harry lime.

i am a detective a bit


harry lime

looking for a beetle

blackened ; crusty with a smart serge suit from

foster brothers

went missing a week or so ago

the full moon following

reported by a family in the

cellar concerned

by its legs waving wildly ; sock dangling

backed on flagged floor

missing person

crisp printed poster


.a village.

.part one.

soft morning rise as linen cloth

dogs bark the distance

curtains closed ; a village sleeps

one person walks early


the air with simplicity

flaxed dress ; hair not combed

newly widowed

she starts anew

.dying field .

dense night ; memorial

green underhedge ; hoar

frost ; rhythms of black

birds ; black

jack ; flap


stream of conciousness

there is no rhyme

these recollections ; another time

eighteen hundred

eighteen hundred

too many dead