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.Life Saving.


Felicity quietly enters the water

to drown .

Secretly he had been watching. Dives in to save her.

Pulling her back to shore, her wide mouth screaming.

Sincerely he resuscitates her

wide mouth on wide mouth

Secretly she enjoys it.


Along the meandering line they lay,

fallen the fallen.

No one uses the word ; forbidden (verboten) to forbid

or forget that they were killed.

Does your family talk of it? Incredible secrets. Kill

or be killed.


.twenty hours.

clear faces deny rumour

speculation comes rife

history books packed

stacked among other stories

locked in boxes


thickened scars are evident

evidence of a secret place

though we say we have none

none will know

we shall not tell

note how the fallen have fallen

over there

balance is a quiet thing

you cannot hide

not even here

you are found out

. holiday weekend .


they come as mosquitoes by the bridge; swallows returning

a haze of aftershave

chanel buzzing talking of how it will be to live here

littering banks with towels chairs & chatter

sunblock slides the stones others so carefully balanced

sheep scatter

later dozing after burgers awake to leave in heavy fuming cars


he would say vehicles

home i tremble

remember the old rule

tell the cat i love it

like the quiet

regret bank holidays that break my silence

.black bag.


i am a bin man & also a poet

some times


newton’s law & the strength of plastic

i drop the bag to test the theories


i am the driver & watch him

glad the bag did not break

wonder at his thoughtfulness & isolation

should i report him or let him be?

we are late already


i am the householder watching

i move forward smiling

pick up the bag

to help him

think it must be onerous employment


nice to be out of doors

will remember a tip come christmas


.biggest things.

were on the road today

the police were there

lights flashing

we had a queue

three big huge lorries with

the biggest big stuff there

was a

fourth one missed me

on the roundabout

red & yellow

big horn

no battle i put my foot down

big rose bush to lay under

and toast the perfume

sweep the petals

big day today

smiley face


.with regard.

maybe connections are missed the link dismissed. metaphors faint as my flimsy whispers symbols do you deny me peace? perhaps you utter the words constantly? look closely

or brush it regularly. talk about birth. stand during the rain fall. regard the chimney. take it off to return it. sometimes we need to commit a while, until we don’t no more

this is not a word i have used much recently, if i did it will be related to plants i expect. adjective. i may use plush in regard to velvet clothing, cloth, clothed. another adjective

it could have been simple, days of sewing crosses. red. eight thiry till five. it could have been easy, yet there were issues of the electronic kind meaning wasting time with wires and connections

she suggested that i write a novel, when i noted that she walked briskly to the post box, dressed suitably. i do not copy plagiarise or write about my friends

some of us like to be neat in some ways. some of us draw big and messy, and i understand both. we have made marks a long time, since the dawn of. probably



Anonymous Writer

Having trouble getting back.

Difficulty finding words, of the
simple type, to type.

Spell out the consequences,
of an easy life.

Is it criticism, or a general sensitivity,
which abounds, confounds the
smallest heart.

She says we should not handle bats.

They write better stuff than me

words i never have

or think in

They have been to a university

I have been there twice visiting

while two have died


They write in patterns

I watch with difficulty



Yet glad i feel better today

.twig compilation come softly.

when you say gray, do you mean grey, as in lady jane or earl as in tea. when you say grey, do you mean gray, as in mary, my friend? do you mean that we all come from different countries.

he has no knowledge of twigs, his mother had the secret, as do i. he has the knowledge of acting, it was quite a performance, as they were the same twigs

i have written of them before, now in code and symbol, i regard, that ‘again’ brings a sense of permanence, that familiarity does not always mean contempt , yet continuity. autumn comes round, and we keep the litte things, again

it has always been the same, water going down hill, thick frost of winter’s morning. now the birds song at 4 am, bad news soften by dreams, new days. it has usually been the same

about six years ago it was mentioned that the twigs should be the same do you remember? later they taught me of the nature of working slow and sure so much can be done this way

yes i have help each month some years the tree man comes i fiddle every day. lifting logs. i may get stronger. it is abutting a church yard

more than that when birds sing. when water lowers, seeps away. twigs are left, shattered . farmers out, later neighbours chopping logs, stop to talk of other days, bled from a photo. still a solitary thing

down the back lane there are puddles, huge amounts of water fell, flooded the abbey ruins. branches blown , creaking twigs while rain stays off a while. she is a new walking partner, quite fast, no bother

cut deep, while others are sleeping. we tread the way, from here to there, leaving a trail. you may follow. cut round the cowslips, leave the twigs. step this way, it leads to the old apple tree


.lovely,my lovely.

about six years ago it was mentioned that the twigs

should be the same

do you remember?

later they taught me of the nature of working slow

and sure

so much can be done this way

last week i told you that he had tshown me

their visual value

screw the wall light into stone

church wall by the gate?


won’t work

so we fixed it with a twig

will send instructions in latin upon request

my lovely