Monthly Archives: April 2018


lightly gently sweetly you touched my spine

your face no picture

slowly gradually eventually you killed me

one shot to the chest


it is healing

cared fully

with silver


.drawing a line.

drawing the line, trying to make conversation


drawing a line yet you expected me to stay


spending my time


you expected to know where, why

so i moved higher

drawing the line

.step back/ the first time.


.selling to andy.


will you like to buy this garment?



it is too plain.i like colour and a certain pattern

explain it?

no. i will have to draw it in italics

ok. if you draw it on the garment

i will colour in. then will you buy


yes. in italics


.plastic whales.

last time i wrote of comics

that day we noticed plastic whales

while shopping. my daughter smiled

they were as i said. we gathered goods

wrapped mainly in plastic

the invention must have seemed a good idea at the time

news came a whale was dying off norway

with sympathy they shot it

ending quickly

the suffering

its stomach lined with

thirty bags of plastic

you see

oh the irony

.the album.

it was in the box as expected

bought at less than usual

you are in it

will be removed for those

with more





the title got me thinking

we had comics on tuesdays and thursdays

from the middle shop up the hill

sometimes there was a whale

in the story with a picture

round grey with a fountain in it’s head

it’s tail akimbo later

i learned that they don’t look like that

really .

he said

real stars do not have points .

i guess i shall never see a whale

though some bones are over the door

in mallwyd church porch

up the road



.next event.

today i write of glass and ashes, inspired before, then swept by other’s moments. witness the cleaning, month passed, in our surprise forgot the soot and dashes, to burnish wax. today, a small task.…

layered in air we dance with glass small souls with small lives rise to the challenges
glass housed and labelled ten years ago. this house is closed, yet will open at 10 am. varies.
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if he only looked out at the world, forgot all this nonsense.
it is what we make it. he said ‘ ” the things we think are

worries now”, as discussed with the boy.

not yet published.

the kindness that is. glass reflecting. slowly it starts. maybe we need to check our numbers?
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now it is shattered. and cuts.


.loft ladder pulled down.

the loft ladder pulled down

creaks & clatters

it can be remedied

while most doors squeak

all a differing tone

they came to film we stood quietly


the silence of the house recorded

he explained there is none

it could be remedied

yet then

where is the music ?

same with teeth

each one a perfect note

loft ladder pulled down

dust escapes

like ash from the fire

our thoughts fly as nothing.


.one small thing.


his blog sometimes

not regular

one small thing

he is not the holy ghost

# let nothing annoy nor irritate

i can think of nothing at present

not one small thing