Monthly Archives: March 2018

.side parting.

looking for a legacy

i find nothing / no words

no comfortable leavings

parting on the wrong side

can be painful

some hide secrets

i do not

we hope you will feel good

about pins


.variations on a project.

27573631_762446660632335_1372073739893604352_n bottle is a short word in varying degrees. a slight one.

can be alleviated with unnecessary treats, curling round in soft places. lift the spirits with little things, be glad it is not a more serious form of the obsession.



password for the forum, works at home transition has been difficult

cold/ frozen the code will not work nor will the counting with interruptions

all things moved about

things were googled yesterday now there is an understanding

seasons fit a picture is made pieces are in place

left on the tray, photographed for all to see

fuss and dress code


.making bread.

if you do not write it down when you think

words will be lost

it can be done without imagination

just look at the cardigan

five buttons

one is different

some things are draining well

while the washing machine

is not

meanwhile the snowdrops bloom


.double negative.

double negative that on translation is

double negative

we cannot win

the result is the same

for all of us unless

you believe




he was concerned for my welfare

so we talked about dignity

i have none

they were the first he said

yet i think that was shame

i liked the colour of the room

the neatness


someone walked by


..floating island..

. the leybourne. first edition 1954.unsigned.

“Housewives celebrate end of rationing. Fourteen years of food rationing in Britain ended at midnight when restrictions on the sale and purchase of meat and bacon were lifted.”



one fresh small person

a paper bus ticket

one pair trunks (canned if necessary)

smallish inner tube or rubber ring whichever is available

or is in season


place the person on the bus, allow to rest

leave for half an hour or until things are proved

gas mark 4


wrap person in trunks and place into the prepared ring

if fully set float in brine until all becomes spongy

allow to brown lightly while floating continues

do not peel

on rising

we have a floating island

..made in england..

he could have lent me white paint & as he spent much of his time telling me

tutors’ commandments

i told him mine

if you have not what you need

use something else

& see what comes of it

if it breaks mend it

put it in exhibition

small things matter


it has been a long time coming, it lasted many years,

now is gone.

all of it, all the straight ideals and weathered work.

who will come laughing?

who else loves rusted nails

reddened eyes?