Monthly Archives: February 2018

.viable happens.

some people are more eager to please

more pliable

than others

some keys gets stuck

then the words make

no sense

some days things go awry

we make the best of it

start again with planning

and the handy man. mud

gets muddier as the rain


it feels like constantly

then we forget why we are here

and settled




near the works along the high street

traffic free

a treat

while shopping

while cathedral closed doors

gained comfort further

up the street in morgans

all good fabrics

we thought it had closed


are we fading gently?

the sign was hand written

we need a tv

no witnesses nor mormons

in pencil

i was gone some time

past tense can be horribly traumatic


.with reservation.

apprehensive i write this

when all around are wishing well

while you have disappeared

as the trial continues

track six is on repeat again

it is with reservation that i think

these things

aims & opportunities

some say it was cleansing

& they were right.




she had the one/ now i own it

i have many it is a thing

she said that they invented one

along with numerals & sandals

i think there is a gregorian all

out of date and chanting


you can’t strain vegetables with those

nor can julian