Monthly Archives: December 2017


she said it twice

spelled it

hissing sounds

snakes spitting

suck the word, savour the smell

i have told you my darkest secrets
sounds and sights.

say it again with four s’s

plural we will have more.

sing the sin
then kill it

or pay someone to do it

easy assassin


word search

i don’t write about gremlins

nor bogies

have done a search

it has not figured in the work yet

i know that my bread is usually buttered

held carefully it does not fall

not anyway down

if i wrote about bogies they will be under

the bed not

up the nose

at all

some of us may not be so afraid any more

.profile picture.

cold room council house

she lit the fire that day

one gift each plus the stocking


a compendium of games or jigsaw to share

three brothers

she walked, talked, blinked


wore the gingham dress and pants

i still have her

draw her scan her

photograph her

show her in exhibition

my profile picture



is welsh for child




fired pain of

hidden lies

nothing happened

beyond words embittered silk

fabric trails

hiding memory

false beginning

found words



the challenge, 12 sentences starting with the same word – green.

:: green road :

green road is where I was born; in winton.

green grocer delivered each tuesday and thursday.

green front doors and hedges line the road, repetitive.

green shooting brake denotes uncle’s arrival, posh we thought,truth came later.

green our neighbour’s face as bombs fell/were pushed; she hid in the outside toilet.

green school knickers; janet next door under her gymslip.

greens up the garden, with spuds & rhubard, runners & plums.

greens for dinner, liver & gravy; poor food, i guess there was rationing.

green her coat with big buttons,darted & half belt she wore while shopping.

green my mittens, shetland hand knitted; a souvenir.

green the scarf that matched, richer now.

green the sky; the storm passes.


the march

have you watched them marching

beauty has a power



remember this when all else

are shouting.

move together

in memory.



lines & differentiation

when the fog clears we creep back into the garden

watch birds eat wettened crumbs. softly leaves fall

each year mist falls an anniversary physically fed

on sleep we meet



you are gone & you are gone


no parallel lines


should i spend the day looking for the labyrinth, learning how to spell it. should i spend my life searching for the pattern when all around is waiting. should i fail, or should i take up the challenge.