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(tempo) x 2

tempo tempo, on & on,

repeating. like

jesu’s blood never failed me yet

or nyman, backwards.

tempo tempo all the time deleting

any form of rhyme, loose phrasing.

tempo, tempo, as if none of it matters,

which it doesn’t.

temp tempo, danzon no 2 arturo marquez.

gustav dudamel.

drive the car forward, move the mind inward.

hope it will not stop.

it will.

shoulders drop.



danzón no. 2



so now, here is the thing.

as a kid i was not allowed


gran disapproved

& mum had little money,

on her own with four

of us kids to feed.

it is just potato.

i had game chips when

i went to the marsham

court hotel to dance

the new year in. i wore a kilt.

my mother did not come.then

my nice brother went to work

on the railway. one day in secret

he bought me a packet of my own.

early employment as a cook

entailed cooking crisps, oh joy,

& paid for it.

these days i eat them as & when i like.




there is an order


crosses came, so we made

2. order in the writing, then

3. the folding, tying carefully.

there is an order in putting

things down, without a


she criticised the dots.

4. there is order in sending out

into the world

without an




the shelter

I will
quite like a wild rumpus here some time,
a make shift band, straggled procession
down the lane, chanting, scaring the neighbours.

it is often quiet here, though Kenny’s voice

there will be four of us, costumes and laughing,
happy knowing who we are, comfort in skin.

we used to push you in the toy pram, your legs
spilling out, our selves the show.

it is often quiet here now, you have grown, this
is not your area.

we walk your district quietly.
wait in the shelter.

I will
quite like a wild rumpus here some time.



the flight to egypt

Edwin Longsden Long RA was an English genre, history, and portrait painter.


there are many pictures at this house, two dimensional and more. how can I love one

child above another?

I had only one, so that was easy, then questioned if I loved the late arrival more, I said no just different.

so I talk out loud instead of writing .

a new prose. I talk of formative years, the safe place.

russell coates museum. have you been there? it was free on thursdays a haven from the rain,



indoor fish pond, quiet on the stairs, to the edwin long gallery. the flight to egypt. looking

back now, I never thought of it religious. immense it covered the wall.

I use the past tense, yet it is still in place.

on googling I see the topic is biblical, I remember the procession, the faces, the space as

if his meaning was hidden to me.

now by choice it is.

do I make such pictures? no.

weird stuff as if installed in a museum.




green road

raining day, the pram hood smelled. gabardine.

blue white edging patterned greek style.

sound of water falling, puddled apron,

bread in damp paper, taste of crust corner.

springy, bouncing down green road, my brother

weighting. the other end.

a blanket to pick fluff


straps to bind me.

later came other fragments, the whisper of sausages for tea, the promise of marmite,

fragile gas mantles to repace night time candles.

my brothers.


gas light

the drawing room

slightly astonished at the words he said, mentioning the word foreigners,

surprised she was from finland ‘of all places’. spoke to her loudly, bent

near as if she was deaf. she spoke another language


she spoke english.

a country gentleman indeed. was not sure they came packaged this way.

the exterior smart, the interior needs changing.


daily post


strong as wire

oh she has good hair, strong as wire.

sticks up nicely. did you now that dry

stuff makes it go girly.

if you see such, do say so.

see the smile and touch.

i looked round the woods, read the diary .

blocked again. it was

rather a good day yesterday.

the fear comes back early morning, passes

on cleaning the carpet.

it is human to feel these things, to have

good hair.


there is no flood warning. today.



wondering 46

it is a wonder you are not traumatised, sitting there nicely

watching the politics again. it is a wonder you are not shaking

as you were last week.

i wonder at your welfare, so have left you in bed quietly today.

i will go to work, worry on your state of mind.

with all that is going on, and your constant


do not watch the film today.






i cannot spell. i can think.

i can imagine a nuclear


going off.

read the books, seen the footage.




of it.

before you speak.


there is no photograph