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dive below, breathe beneath the surface.

rise & wonder who defines standard.

present tense.

often reduced.

we have water here & float yet not as pretty

as you.


many poets died this day.

some prefer substandard.



the magic carpet

is red, slightly rough like the seats on buses



with a fringe each end.

i can go anywhere & i do. my boundaries are small.

i like it round here.

i like small places, ordinary, few shops for necessities.


good solid folk, gritty conversation.


i travel three hours or a little more with public


enough for me.

clean that magic carpet ready for the hallway


oh aladdin is a fairy tale.



she said they were soul mates, with a yorkshire accent.

both much the same. it lasted a while with ups & downs.

the usual.

then it ended.

this is the shorter version.



lelant, simply that

There are no records left; I asked them.

The probation officer arranged it, he was helping my brother. My trip may have been unofficially organised.

I was taken to meet the lady, I remember her name, her home clearly. Mum kitted me out in hand knitteds, summer and lace up shoes. I was shocked by the latter; I aways had straps.

I may have been 6 years old; there is no record.

We went on the bus , cook and I, to the small cottage hotel, Lelant by the sea. A bus ride from St. Ives, a short walk down the hill to the beach to play.

My host went shopping, introducing me to her friends, and worrying over my hair. The hairdresser suggested that cutting was not the answer and I was provided with a dark green ribbon, shiny, wide and expensive. I imagined the cost.

The food was unlike any I had known, just tomato soup, scones with cream that left my tastebuds traumatised. I liked the boiled eggs; I was used to them. Cook looked after me kindly and understood, told me to say. The gardener suggested that as I must pass through the kitchen garden to school, I may eat as much fruit as I liked. I did.

I liked the little school, made friends. The laceups were a great succes as I could walk on my toes, like a ballet dancer. The soles were thick. Friends were made and one girl lent me her woollen bathing costume to bathe in the estuary. It sagged when wet; my self esteem lowered.

Adding here that at that age who knew of self esteem? We just felt bad.

I was given the sweetest little bedroom in the roof, all dolls and dormers. They took away my comforter, and it seems then I walked in my sleep. Moved downstairs to the piano room where no stairs could harm me, I felt unsettled.

Yet the days moved nicely. There were little troubles, nothing to diminish the beauty of it all.

The day came when I was sent home, I guess it was agreed; there are no records. I had wanted to stay, and I still feel guily for that.

My family met me from the bus, laughed at my accent and threw the ribbon away.

Weeks later I found it dirty in the lane, and kept it, hid it.

Years later I went back. In the museum, met a man who recognised me. We were then in our fifties, and he said I looked the same.

I am not the same. There are no records.

I never was a ballet dancer.


someone wrote about trousers today

ah did you say tapir? the word reminds me of the capybara at the water


not sure why. if you said taper, i will think of the coloured spills by the fire

in the brass holder.

he cleaned the copper pipes for me, as it was raining. he is the gardener.

then he moved on to the coal scuttle and talked about his mum, as did i.

they both placed items on newspaper, while they rolled into tapers after.

to light the fire.

i really like the capybara. i think someone wrote about trousers today.



it seems that in moving the body we can free the mind, from one place to another. slightly out of focus.

time is moving forward.

that is the theory……


.magnox north +1.

it had changed. thinner.

less volume.

we thought.

no, she said it had been cut out. you see,

if you multiply this and that you will find.

the mass.

it stands steady, decommisioned, favourably

viewed by some.

not by others.

it can be a reflection, it is situated

by the lake.

the texture changed with age, as did the colour.




fine lines.

solo option. wandering fog.

. read.

find the cost of clothes.

enough to keep

us for months.

help those who

need it.

some wear corduroy. make jam.

ride a bicycle.