Monthly Archives: June 2017

. those words again .

rather a lot of words were said in friendship.


good words.

#writing for jamie.

words on health and well


recovered, we admired

the socks, little boots.

she knew who i meant, a small

description. the bluebells are down

the road she told us.

kind words come in memory and subjected


some folk cannot connect other than eyes

while some utter such kind words; honey

and furry bears.



ekphrasis challenge – magritte

dead head the roses,
suffocate in silk. stifle
their feelings.

dead head the roses,

suffocate in silk, stifle

their feelings.

bundle them blind with
bloodied rags, boiled


bind them twice. the smell
is decay.



. bloody rabbit .

she said it sounded sad, that is because

it bloody is.


she also said it looked sad. it bloody is


some things are


some things are happy.

some things are in between.


explicit blunderings, darkness descends

with out the need for words. pray for

forgiveness if you are so inclined.

do not beg approval nor eat the chocolate

rabbit. that will be bloody sad. smiley.



some times

do you hear someone sleeping?

do you hear them breathing?

i did not for many years.

last week I did.

the hotel

had thin walls.



. i thought there would be lilies .

i don’t often go in. i only went to see the back, the upper room.

area. i noticed the creeping plant outside, walked to the door.

went in.

the cat came in.

i thought there would be lilies. there was just a few of the usual

sort, daisy types.

i left, the cat came


my boot scraped the moss from one on the slabs

to see the name.

william evans.



driving past woods

oh you are a beauty, showing your legs, dress swinging.

in rhythm. in photos , little gifs, to share.

how can we look the same? i think i look different

now. now that i have grown, watched you grow.

now. now.

now that i helped when you were sick.

now i am older and watched you die. all of you.

i say goodnight to some and remember all of you.

how can i look the same. now. now.

remember all that has been done. how

can i look the same?

you are still a beauty.

dress swinging.



maybe the sound

the dark bird calls. may be starting an engine.

it has a sound about it. the word.

not at all biblical,

in that sense of

the word.

some people come unhappy. tired, out of sorts.

all sorts.

i had wanted to live on an island,

where they burned the grass.


it became quite private.

i like to hear those birds; they are coming closer.



it is done

the rain is come again, lightly.

we have sewing to be done.

red thread.

never measured. severed

with teeth,it leaves a groove,

she said. the dentist will know.

red thread.

you will know too.

it is a christian festival, did you know?


it is an adjective

occuring at a favourable time. a time that was requested.

it is opinion. it could be that things happen any when; we

could be pleased.

do you remember when the ship went down.? all

were saved. this makes a happy ending. ending

the story.

while in port glasgow it says that

port glasgow

has an

old man’s club.


ship building.


jesus changes lives for good.