Monthly Archives: March 2017


they killed it.

without hesitation.

it glittered like starlight, fine, upstanding, an

example of kinship, solidarity. dead. they

killed it dead.

it shone with kindness and friendship

so they deliberately made it die. now

they continue to murder what is left,

as they have done before.

it was a good was different. that

is all.




a rabbit lives by there

among the green scented branches.

peoples’ litter.


you tube

you may think that when you search the words

you may find fruit, the type that drips on eating,

mostly down your tee shirt or other garment.

here we gets hip hop and pop art which is cool,

yet not as refreshing as strawberries, raspberry

and lime. some time we needs a damp flannel.

randomly i see that the little iron has been

replaced in monopoly. glad i already have one.




being british

not keen on the word really, sounds somewhat toiletry


occurring in a natural place/ america, or grizzly big furry



may be a myth.

crouch is also disliked for one of the above, and the end.

the synonyms are disagreeable as far as i can see, so

i shall sit here nicely.


. noun uk ​ /saʊnd/ .

sound sounds like this in english. sounds familiar.

in the morning, heartening lorries,

mansel davis, north to south and back again reverse


garden, sounds fresh so early, outdoor

noise. indoors,

the radio plays. brittle. news

mumbo jumbo of politics.

birds sing.

tinnitus continues, softer now



wednesday prompt

so she has suggested that this god may be a girl, and / or somewhat feminine.

last week I said that gender is over rated and that I do not believe such things.

we talked of the random nature of everything, and while in agreement there

are still issues between us.

I shall say that if there is a god, who is gender based, may she be kinder than

if there is one now, is.

and learn better grammar than me, and forget the punctuation.



scotts birthday

biggest leaves in the lane, no one swept, bothered. we hurried by seamlessly, or did we? some of us looked, a few of us bothered. some of us helped each other. it is always a nice day.

your birthday.

you are younger than i ; stride out quickly. walk down the estuary. it is good to hit the sunny patch and hear the bird call. a cold day today.

enjoy your




the gabion

my heart leapt, when he said. his home, he can see the beauty there.

with reality and fiddling. films it. forgets the language, passes the garage and looks to me to talk

of the succulents.

yet what can get better than this, no jealousies, no expectations, no anger, when none is needed.

when all around us is raging, rain against blind window, mid winter. music plays, soft covers sooth, plain thoughts.

why do some wish for perfection, in all things. that in mind. there is no formula,no rules, only their own desires which can lead to disappointment .



serious ness

serious matter making tea, then dinner.

cake with fruit, later vegetables with

home made gravy. i know

there are more serious things. i have

done them. a lot.

it is just that

i do not wish to talk about them at this


jack , a dull boy.



milk of magnesia

it says that most people are aware of the dangers of sunbathing

and that it is another adjective.

we had some of those yesterday. plain words affect me deeply.

in the bathroom there is a book about womens’ health and beauty.

chapters on skin care from years ago before the war, the second.

paragraphs on the dangers of being tanned, it says it looks common

like a working person out of doors. things change.

the book remains

in the bathroom.