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bad night dreaming

dreamed of devastation, flew miles low

over concrete . skeletons, bones of the thing.

all is dust, as dust we have become. slow.

grey. nothing moves here no more. no sighs.

they have forgotten us. we have forgotten them.

are we now the bones of what we were?

bad night dreaming.




foundation for these days. hard work won. there

is another way with privacy and organisation. industry .

leave things simple,

leave thing be a while.

oversight and overland

travel. the dead depress.

overlook; i see the old horizon still.

planes flies over, one then two we

can hear them from the window. over

there his story repeats itself.

over sight me, over look you. there are

many of us.





. some hedges are higher than others. i wrote . a thing so private, so intense .

. simple , complex. no one will see it . note your achievements to date.

.hell no. i cannot think of it every day, nor have regrets.

.his life is different to yours. i have discussed it fully, yet it will remain confidential.

. he is still alseep and will remain so a while.

hers is the portrait, a girl. cracked window looks at clouds, the mountain.

ledge, dead moths stretched out in all their softness, stunned by light.

torn curtains stir memories, indicate a private place to weave and mend a dream.

some hedges are higher.




lay dead . do not speak nor ask for fear.

lay quiet. do not write nor tell. there are

new shoes by the wardrobe. at an angle.

still. do not move nor participate in any


do not breathe, nor cry. there are new

shoes by the wardrobe, new shoes.



is this an religion

maybe we need to check our numbers at the end, see if one or more are missing.

need to count them carefully, one side then the is all a pattern, that keeps

us safely, moves us onward.

have faith in good and pleasant ways. be kind to the one next to you. he was still

laying down and mumbling.

‘why have you not shared that one about belief ?’ i think i forgot.

‘did anyone read it?’ i don’t know. he slipped back to sleep holding

the rags.

it was nice to sit quiet, watch the shaking, the belief in all those things.

good to hear the voice raised at the back.



they come in groups. i have said it before. two came yesterday, pacing by the trees.

none were visible, none were heard, so

we talked about the history, the work and where we came from. the door is bricked

up now.

covered in wool against the cold. bales taken down river , down to the harbour down

to the cob.

on boats .

they came in packs. some time ago.



. linen thread .

#thread bare.

nap worn the warp threads show through.

sounds sweet, none of this plush and sensuous end. bones

of it. roots of it. linen at the birth.

the death.

who needs descriptive dialogue? we have imagination.

show me a photograph.

we see different things.


over worked

that was another life. style and sewing the work books.

these will be passed to me later with particulars on starching,

gophering, polishing linen. glass works over a few hours. these days.

those days were the foundation for these days. hard work won. there

is another way with privacy and organisation. industry .

leave things simple,

leave things be a while.



dorset countryside

we used to sit the rise and think of this.

drive the evening hunting the blue flax fields .

found and waded the poppies outside the dyke, then

worked the red thread.


danced the lane, brown boots through dust.

look at me.


i sometimes sit and think of this, sometimes dream

in bad, often in yellow.

rape covers the land in places, my eyes smarting.

so once again we speak in crosses. i

think the hanky may be yours.



in a word

Butchers used to hang their pigs (ham) by the tendons (strings) in the back of the knee. The Hamstrings are actually 3 different muscles that work together to extend the hip and flex the knee.
Basically the hamstrings most important job is to make sure your leg doesn’t fly off your body when you run.
Yes, Found words with capitals. Then there are cheeestrings which i find taste of nothing
in particular.
He was not tongue tied in the medical sesnse, he stammered and was bullied over it. While
I stood by with love and embarrasment .
We have since learned a thing or more.
Then there is the thread to consider, yet I understand that some use thorns.
Stories continue of bound feet and
He suggested that body dysmorhia may be at the heart of things. bdd.
I fear he may be right.
Research Albino.