Monthly Archives: April 2016

#walking 5

having googled it says one may lose a pound,

not in old money, in lbs, you may have heard of them?

young folk.

was printed in the back of exercise books along

with furlongs , rods and perches.

i tell you this you will gain

an insight for natural things,

and sleep intensely well.



#christine 3

so there will be a delay, yet the work will continue.

we shall think of you fondly, as we think of our own past,

our misdemeanors.

how the shapes fit together, somewhat randomly and form

the creatures we are today.

there is no reason, no purpose to it all. just us. you and me,




. black hearts .

black topics.

cause and effects,
the butterfly’s wing.

so here on the night watch,
all is quiet , no birds sing.

touched by the small thing,
softly, we drew together,
with words, and gestures
in air, in mind.

touched by the old things
i draw and weave
the ways of night.

upload the black heart,

i write, edit, delete.
words here,
you cannot see,
do they leave a trace,
tell me.

do you sense their meaning,
and the rhyme,
are there codes
between the lines.

is there something
in words not said,
or is it here,
as clear,
as day.

when it comes..



five repeated

the battery is low, yet it has to be said,

that the five are anonymous, the photo

is random to embellish the tale.

they wish to be private, yet cared for

when i am gone. a promise is made.

meanwhile they carry on. good

work, company and care. while

we need to recharge, move on.

spoken sweetly.



how my brain works

different these days. i said it did not face south,

when it does, despite the hedge. i had talked about

the bournemouth days, the sea to south, the road

led north.

now here, it does not face the sea, the west,

yet i still thought south, so please do not

listen to a word i say. this is how my brain works

these days.




take the photograph
of the photograph,
we have chinese whispers.

we have the closing of the
house soon, wonderland.

removing all things metal,
placing sweet chestnuts
in corners. the outside
paint so very shiny,




there are five of us here, to be a help

and comfort. each one has a different

aspect of care.

nurture , protect while all is


we are diffrent shapes, size and strength.

take us, use us when required, overdue

does not work here.

remember this.




cymer, a confluence of two rivers.

if one ran different, if each thought were deeper.

tide pools, north and south,

the moon fills and the current

stops a while.

our river runs east to west and as the tide pools,

stops a while.


take a leaf, watch a swallow, we could be different.

let the rush stop, stand a while, let us mingle,

north to south, east and west.

no barriers.




so he came quite early really,

little fuss or bother, drank

his coffee nicely.


as did the next one, with

news, that is taken positively.


so we move forward gently, knowing

now , the man that visited every

sunday, will do so

no more.





delivery is from 6 am to 7 pm,

so we gets up at 5 am to be

ready and decents, to find

a message to say it will

now be 9am at the earliest.

so we crept about the garden,

heard the owls and imagined

how it will all be.

the summer house.

you and me.