Monthly Archives: April 2016

. kindness .

deserves praise, yet should come as natural.

there may be to many additives these day,

not enough honesty grown. she said i should

have something new in the greenhouse.

i have, i said, and thought of you, who

planted the seeds




so feeling sickly

we confused the


for real.

came in from the sun.

dazed in the parlour,

until the feeling passed.


the hare

have you ever gone back,
that painful journey,
watching swallows dip
as if they had never been away.

staggering the stones
you may find god in
water falling.

echoing all the tears
of your life.


the woodpecker

been pecking the pole since the forties

we think,

how delightful.

yet it must be changed and moved

in case it falls down, what would we

do then? he asked.

i decided not to think about that, and

rejoice in the creosote

of the new thing.

may be the woodpecker will




the garden

a busy little thing, buzzing down the estuary,

then back again, up and back, practising.

in order to acquire, improve or maintain proficiency in it.
“I need to practise my French”

no clouds to cover . it was a gentle day

of gardens, les cloche and legume given freely.

the pronounciation was not at all as it should be,

the company all welcome.

later the v22, toy osprey. delight.



the garderobe

he admitted it was not working properly,

yet they still bowed thier heads and said it.

have they thought of changing it all, back

to basics. we fear it is to late, it has all been

going on so long. too many of us.

he gave his opinion which seems disloyal, yet

they had polished the floor, which

placed the garderobe off limits.



#walk 6

it is a longer way,

mostly up hill then,


we go round one way

one day,

then another way,

another day,

avoiding people.

mainly, yet we

talk to the stone mason

who likes to avoid

people too.

once i came this way with you.



colonial days

it is a lighter shade
of a darker green,

a fern behind at
benmore gardens.

later we had tea,
an empire biscuit.

we always do.