Monthly Archives: October 2015

cloth numbers

laundry day is tuesday, it is collected.

brought back clean on friday, a card
label, cloth number, stuckt.

he uses the stable to deliver, not
disturbing anyone.

when all is unpacked, white and ironed,
we change again. it is another week.

the pattern continues. cloth numbers.



sleeping in three hour slots

even when very tired, the pattern remains the same,
the sentences longer. this is not an issue, and is
accepted gratefully.

they say that the latter will bring immense relief,
to try it consciously.

difficult words, go google, copy, paste then
even then,
it may be wrong in someone’s mind.

so continue to sleep in three hour slots,
and not to worry.




so flimsy it is hardly there.

so worn, it is almost dead.
recreate the dying in your head.

so small it is hardly there.

so cheap it is almost dead.

draw it. recreate the scene in your head.

it is said that some folk do not draw properly
any more. discuss.

when all is fading, is it necessary?

no particular answer is required. maybe a thought,
here and there.




plus common sense, means you
cannot place it there. go down
to the beach to wait.

place it in a cabinet, nearly locked
until dismissed, then
go down to the beach
and wait.

do not label it, number it, read
the words and try to understand,
then on the beach.

to wait.

what does all this mean?

some say, politics, when on the beach
they wait.



big apples

cookers, large , green with leaves.

a gift in a fishing net.

some are too high, even with the clothes
prop waving, they do not fall,


the birds will eat those,
ready for the winter cold.

no doctors to keep away.

he brought bramleys, so
there shall be apple snow.

the recipe book.



gingham check

is pure cotton. check. we can sew straight lines.

i had imagined the house shrouded, in cream linen.

ties. yet.

they said it is mostly green gingham nowadays.

they sew on mondays, twelve till three, any thing
that is required.

it is a big old house, quite dark to stop the fading.

there is an example.

i can tell you so much more. yet.

maybe it is best to see for yourself?

i saw green gingham check.



the first time

when was the first time.the first
time it was noticed that some one
was helping.


the first thought on the sentiment there.

the beauty of it all.

it has been said before. that hate and anger
bring hate and anger more.

it may be the brains’ addictions.

we stopped by tescos and thought of you all.

here is a photo of one man who helped another man.



he is a man, who helped another man,

small plastic, hiding his love,
only 20p.

bought him, pointed out his bravery
to others, the beauty of a man helping.

another man.

i have not yet taken his photograph.


there may be another way

you may already have the things you need.

just look.

it may be that there could be a piano,
neat and shiny. the front may be gone, so that
the bits inside are beautifully visible.


it may be that all music was learned carefully.

or it may not be so. there may be no piano.



sonja enskin mesher. two

the book

seems we have not been to all the mills,
never will. some are gone, yet we have seen them.

seen things that are never there. lost our way,
if there ever was one?

there is a book, we did not buy it, perhaps
a need to find out for ouselves.

it has become a metaphor, a place to be lost in.

he said they bolted the looms down, we disagree.