Monthly Archives: June 2015


early, the crowd came to see

yellow, the famous arch .


i came to see the kitchen garden,

seeds growing, chives flowering.

humble plant sprout small mauve flowers,

bees come early.

yesterday mostly yellow and mauve then.

bodnant garden.


. clean water .

we left early to visit

clear pools of water,

the mountain sloped.

here we wandered,

among sheep.

watched the bug

glide the water,

sucked down

the fish leap.

storm past, this

was a day of sunshine.

we are good friends.

we got better.

so it goes.



we talked of lime

we talked of chickens, the coops, the wire,


brought me a specimen of lime mortar, held

with horse hair from the old wall. we

placed it, discussed lime, the burning,

and carried on.

made a pointy thing, will burn our

irons in the fire.

day of industry, company, winds

bent the rest of us, so we

followed the road to find

hedd wynn.

the light is coming through.


. myth .

so you think i wear a cotton dress,

while all round is stormimg,

you think that people on boats are lovely

when it is a cruise ship, waving.

what do you think when passengers

are drowning?

this is not cunard, this is not a




cotton dresses

do you know that it is june,

and that it seemed to have come quickly,

while we weren’t looking.

they say it will be a very wet and windy

day for north wales. i live there.

yet i have floral cotton dresses ready

for the sun. which will come.

we had a lovely roast dinner sunday,

the last day of may.