Monthly Archives: October 2014

. mrs ciano’s message .

they moved her, you know, from the trolly

to a plinth .not sure whether to be honored,

stayed still with glass, bandages

were bloodied.

a message came, choked on tears,

sobbing rose. that one should

notice her.

mrs ciano received a message.



. google mrs ciano .

who so mrs ciano ?

are you blest, is this

how to say your name?

ask the curator, learn

another world, where

not all is at it seems.

it is just an opinion.

they took the paper, the cotton




. random .

mostly think so these days, even when worked out as planned.

have been wondering what is the point, like is there a point?

or is it all pins and needles. over lunch, we discussed.

i chose the duck wraps, minding my pronunciation. she pointed

out that the point may be, that there is none, therefore

being one.

I am going back to montgomery to buy a measuring





having eaten too much cheese, watched

surreal, tremendous film, find a head,

with headache at nine minutes to seven.

bravely drink tea, carry on until it fades,

the british way. this is the least of the

worry in this world of ours.

ibruprofen takes this ill away.

the news is on the radio




mrs ciano , found

in the store room with the robes,

boxed, marked robes. some people

don’t like labels, although it is the source,

a holding.

installed, the lady called her wierd, name calling.

the paper, the pins.

i call her mrs ciano, pleased to see her


we talk, and she is company.




softly. it moved.
seen from the corner
of an eye. crept
round the edge,

slid round the door
and out.

i feel it lives
in the shed.



same faces

having looked ,

realise they are just for me.

no submission nor application,

a wise, a brave decision. i have

dreamed of japan, some places

are just too far

for me.

looking back i see

the island changed.

perhaps i like familiarity.

the same faces.


dreaming of japan

. 3 years .

some things take longer than others,

oh, these trite sentences we use, yet

maybe this is true. at last i balance,

lock the gates efficiently, not mind

the mirrors, speak respectfully.

some things take time, relax,

find your family. speak carefully.

it was a long evening, programmes

on monsoons, and the ganges.

we fell asleep quickly.




the cat and the installation.

i have spent much time

thinking how it will be, how it may affect

those viewing, carefully sewed

the finger, placed the eggs, the paper parcel.

photographed the thing. that morning, all

was in disarray, the cat sleeping within…..

take care of the small box..




only we don’t talk so.

he said he will by a tank top

for the gig, i though ooh,

how ghastly. he came back

with a vest, black. quite nice.

thats a vest , i says, no he

says, you wear a vest

with a suit, tidy.

he means of course

a waist coat.

he is from ameica.