Monthly Archives: March 2014

the same tune

if they played the same tune
over, will despondancy ensue?

life is full of multiplicities, other
hard spellings, lessons to drench a life.

whilst in the midst, the struggle, we fall
and grow.

these things do happen,
to most people.

except some seem immune to

who are the chosen ones?

the radio playes the same tune,
faintly upstairs.




plus 66 pence.

now i can buy the things
i think i need, find that

i am not bothered, that
i have the things i need.

it is a box of old postcards,
that started the conversations,
the ideas and interaction.

it was rather good.

collaborations work.


home, crossing the border

thin line

a long way to buy liquorice, anguish,
to draw, with draw.

remember the table,
bread and fruit, slate laid bare.

know that, when all is bungaloid
your heart lays elsewhere.



there was a boat

there is a boat in a bottle,
art in a jar. there was a need to collect,
keep working.

there never was a gun, no trigger, no need
to mainipulate, learn to spell.

he gave us gifts, i felt guilty taking them.

his face lit up.




space paced in air.

space quiets each noisy soul
into silent submission.

air humbled the cup, the face
the noise of the days.

the drawing waits
for time, as do all things.

a quiet space.

i took no photograph.


john rutter

john rutter plays this morning,
birds sing.

the dolls are mine, together, apart in pastel boxes,
worth a little bit. copied, light spaced.

photograph the photograph, to endear
as chinese whispers, to age and burn, to scrape,
to churn the memory, to mount on
good paper, yet delving find music, manuscript
to change my mind.

i met Reuben…………..

john rutter plays this morning.

sbm.2014-02-03-12-56-44_Fotor correct 2


as he changed his words, the pictures changed.

a new meaning , a new endevour. i still think of him.

things move slowly steadily as snails in the garden,
yet, as i watched the fire, felt the heat, we started moving
toward america.


shot_1394793453731 2_Fotor

there is a time

to be quiet, forget yourself and listen.

put mind aside for other words
and worries, other side of the farthing

a wren, all cocky tailed and wisdom.

other coins rattle the cup, mostly copper ,

and notes.

notes to remind us that lead poisoning,
shakes, do not to suck that pencil.

taking notes.



sweet tea

no sugar.

should i change my words
or is there no such verb.

are you learning language,
niceties, the will to live

after you thought all
was lost.

work together.
we are making a new world,
is this our
earth and heaven?

sweet tea.



pleasant day

tucked in, nice curtains
frame the photograph

while i google syntax
and superlative,

conjunctions, filling.

forgot the dentist appointment,
another dark mark on the horizon.

toy soldiers may cause lead poisoning,
the line come longers, the family taller.

yes, it was a lovely day, pat.