Monthly Archives: February 2014

ludlow, lost in rain

soles hung by the window,
smooth leather shone, despite
light lost, despite the rain.

did you make these soles,
did you stitch and polish them.
did you make your mark there,
hang for all to see?

do many come in on the street,
after looking for housman, lost.

do many say, they would not do,
where we live, slipping the slate.

those are london shoes, not country shoes,
yet the soles are admirable, sir.



cabinet pudding

witnesses came again,
reminding the words are there,
black and white, the finger writ,

he said, in the beginning it was so.

then having spake moved on, with
language unbeknown. how did

they let it happen, the flood, how
did the house surrender. a holy

place. a place of conversation, stuff
of the age, no empire building here.

there was scarambled egg, and a cabinet
pudding waiting.



new things

it is the rule,
now . we try new things.

i have houmus, thought
of you, pat. she bought
rye bread, thirty percent

in price.

i bought a mending set,
packed in a tin, like the war,
full of little things.

pincushion, tomato shape,
with pins stuck in.

i bought you a geometry
set. draw shapes, measure

have you,
tried something new.




those at sea

this morning they prayed

for those at sea.

the snail has been wandering,

silver trailed the mat

and hallway, escaping rain,

and wondrous sundries.

there is a calmness

a tiny red scooter.

we talked of loss,

they often understood.

sometimes they didn’t

and forgot the apostrophe.




what you see is magnified.

they leave here larger than life,
petrified in their own forests.
scan beds and lens.

light the cracks, the boxes.

tie the books closed, leather
bound, broken, words lost.

boxes can be opened to
reveal, still quiet faces.

small lives




it is the lower limb,
that dries, the skin
that itched. now

we have emollient
typed in braille,
made of soft paraffin.

is there a hard form,
my brothers used liquid
on their hair, parted
severely, on a particular side.

i have a cardigan buttons
that way, thick and warm.

when greased we feel we
may be going to sea swim
the channel. legs all sticky.

it is the lower limb that dries.


72. depends on the weather

whether they come early or
later, it depends on their diary
whether they come at all.

repair man comes on time,
as does the roofer. yet
the window cleaner never
came at all, this month.

saw him on his ladder
in the village down the road.

cleaning other windows. mine
are not looking too badly though.

they are washed with rain, daily.




is carpeted with snowdrops.

did you see them at 60mph,
overtaking. did you slow later
to see the next drift. did you reach
your destination safely.

did you stop for coffee there,
have a chat, look at the meat
and biscuits.

did you see the rainbow that
spanned the empty house.

did you ever wonder,
what happened next?

it is a small life, treat
it gently.



handy man

is very handy, so now
i have another egg cutter,
coffee grinder, he brings
old things for me, mends
old things for me, generally
repairs and sweeps, the

lower terrace.

ask him anything, he will
discuss, pleasantly. resourceful
is a word i can spell, i tell
you there are a few things i cannot,
do. so i have the handyman come.

also have a windowcleaner. he
did not come, yesterday



university challenge

not knowing some answers, nor
understanding questions, battle on.

not knowing the rules of engagement,
on flooded roads, drive on, even

knowing the reasons why, does
not always change the equation,

or is it geometry. never got the
hang of logarithm tables, nor

slide rules. so we studied the use
of newspaper in cleaning windows,
in evading mothth a while, for
fuming dustbins,

before they came plastic.

she is younger than me, yet we
could write reams.

about linoleum.