Monthly Archives: December 2013


now is the time

to fix the lights, bar the window,

light the fire, have things steady.

did you know that everything is packed,

do you know the valley grows wild?

there is rain that drives, blinds and startles

small things.

this is a special day, this is

the middle.

it will start to come lighter now,

the tide is turned.



cross referencing, numbers,

related articles.


lists are added

pages filed , named, ordered.

all things have a place, bottled,

pickled in stead for a hard

winter coming.

locked away in time,


retained specially in mind.

he is a librarian.


1912. 7 years.

hence. it should have been darker,

the moon waning. find the word

firmament, check the letters,

find the road visible, power lit.

find the window gone, water

seeping under doors, storm passed.

find an occupation, a boy for

quiet company, know it is better

than seven years ago.



1812. is this the overture

to something better, yet what can get

better than this, no jealousies, no

expectations, no anger, when none

is needed.

when all around us is raging, rain

against blind window, mid winter.

music plays, soft covers sooth,

plain thoughts to guide the

next sentence, the composition.

now we ask.

this is the countryside. candle sticks.


we write of wool

again, and weaving.

we listen to the coventry carole,

the little tiny child, fingers tapping

in time, the medieval, the membrance

of cathedral . walking up hill chanting.

repeatedly. they moved the stairs.

we hold the cotton, the wool

for comfort.



not the milk, you see, is too sweet,
thick, which will rhyme if i write,
for me.

thick like the wool that filled
breaches in the wall, saved the lives.

save some with shelter, needing shelter,
while others lean to watch the birds fly,
talk of the bell tower, and all the implications.

the man parked his car, tidily went to poundland,
bought cards.


*notes verb
verb: condense; 3rd person present: condenses; past tense: condensed; past participle: condensed; gerund or present participle: condensing

make (something) denser or more concentrated.