miss petherick

miss dingle

miss dawson who forced the showers

spit & dribble

latin & greek


i remember all of them not with fondness

not with happy days

she wore a tie you know

het blouse were white & sternly sharp

terrified we went in after games to run

naked whether warm or cold

some had flat stomachs

better quality knickers

dawson had a diary to check when

we said excused it was our time

so we could keep them on

if we cheated she poked our skinny arms sharp


we were scared & ran through by the wall hoping

the water would miss


she disapproved of me

i feel

i disapproved of her

i remember cold days

divided skirts

ice on the field

the line between genders

dawson brought fear

she wore a tie you know

navy blue

i failed in games in greek & latin

was inteested in art & liked bunsen burners & wooden stools

bloody dawson wore a tie you know

miss jackson had a pony tail

i bet bloody dawson hated that