we do have muffins, but not cheese curd
unless it has a different name here, the fried
ones look nice

we have bread muffins white and fluffy
i could eat one now

still gloomy this morning

she fidgeted and fussed
so i let her out last eve

then the rain came hard
in sheets they say and i
felt for her yet i know she
has some place to go as
she comes in dry later

later i found i can colour
with the carbon especially
the red if cut in strips and rolled

so i did that only i forget that i meaned
to write this different more meaningful

with references to our situations without
these strange times
three word slogans

he said it
and i laughed and laughed

we all got very wet yesterday
then tucked back indoors nicely

and i ordered verbena again
he pulled the last one out
thought it was a weed james

so i have three coming by post
of course

with the candle
and some dates

as have fancied them a lot

as a child we had them only
at christmas
in a pressed

and i have prunes left