sometimes i have to check my numbers
sometimes they run out of corn all together
and offer me peas

not the same james
a different colour
i like yellow

i place the bone
where the mouse once was

the other bodies are boxed now

murky this morning and possibly cool
with promise of a social occasion possible

unless there are more gigantic congregations
with no worth other than to scatter their litter

they will come with fire here on the bridge
where he spent the day scraping tenfold
maybe gave up

i have not heard him since
told me he had obsessions
i tend to agree

excitement here over the boxes
due here soon, parcel force

do you remember my love

this is a new project


that is the way i get stuff now
no travelling
no stores

no hassle
only the joy of expectation james


i guess you understand that

watching the seeds grow
looking for flowers
& little animals

admiring the cows now
on the hill silhouetted

got that ok the second time around james
some things take several if not many attempts

then i drew the coat again