.103 .

liking the format, liking the days
that come natural now without
no planning

evolving gradually

my trip out yesterday
there have been a few

1. for cash a long while back at early in the morning

2. for fuel
at a reasonable time of day

3. the garage for my mot; passed eventually

4. the tip yesterday with the garden trash
which all went smoothly, clearly they
are well organised and tidy minded

it was all damp, leafy & would not burn
there is that ampersand again & will they

he was there my old riding partner
those days in the back bar, most
are gone now

seems now my category is not mentioned
no more, become part of the general population


then i have the daily walk
as do the others while others
carry on as they have always

as if nothing happened

my bike still sits quiet
wheeled out each day
to admire

i will get back to it
in time

meanwhile we carry on james
we carry on

i have a few bells
not all on bikes
some rusting
i have always liked bicycle bells

the cat came in the studio to grab
the mummified bird james
i managed to recue it though
dead already