if it is all about numbers as some suspect

you have success


whatever that is


why is that thing so important

surely it is made up and differing

for all the peoples

and creatures too


why james did they make those rules

before us

and even then ask why do we adhere



we may think we don’t

yet i feel we do mostly


sometimes glad to do so instead of

having our own


way to go

your cut and paste i understand

have been working that way some



i like the random nature of these



and do you remember, did i tell

you about the walnut trees in lampeter

that failed last year and we stood and

wondered if this was an omen

of things to come


maybe it was

and maybe just maybe those clouds

yesterday were a thing too



i cut the grass

once a task for the handyman

then a difficult chore for me

now comes easy

even a pleasure

while texting at intervals


while thinking of rhubard and

looking for the sun james


as for numbers

one hundred & two

with an ampersand for pattern

yet no one comments on that


they talk about the news

current affairs

and i wonder if it is their anger

that keeps them going james


while i drink tea and look at birds