quietly i say that i like lockdown again

not. not the reason for it, just the concept

was emotional when i feel all is changing

i shall not go back

i have learned the lesson

paid the price

pat says i am joan of arc

without the fire

so it was your birthday

how lovely

i have no gift

just the daily words


so yesterday we spoke of it

discussed it and got to know

each other better


we knew the others less

i have akhenaten on my app

today so nothing much will

be done here

while i watch

it was near you at the new york met james

did you know

did you see it

i did

live streaming

and made a good friend

so again i wish you a happy birthday

at midsummer while the flowers grow

while all around is humming

yet there is one here who cuts back

tidies and scrapes nature away

he told me he had an obsession

and i find i tend to agree james

a happy day after your birthday

day 100